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    Ferris isx 800

    Ferris....IMO, they are one of the "top tier" mowers on the market. Good cut, built tough and have an outstanding warranty!
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    rtz 50 spindle bent?

    Read my last reply again.
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    rtz 50 spindle bent?

    I don't have a part #, the customer handed them to me in a zip-lock bag. I have since seen them on flea-bay though!
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    rtz 50 spindle bent?

    Any added metal & support can only be a good thing, not enough of both is why they crack in the first place.....well, hitting debris with the blades starts it all!
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    White lt-135 belt won't go on

    No, when the deck is lowered, it tightens the belt! Belts don't go on easy, if it's the right belt they are a tight fit!
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    Brand New Bronco Won't Start

    I doubt it has a solenoid shift starter (solenoid on the starter motor) but, trace the red battery cable from the starter back, if it goes directly to the battery, the solenoid is on the starter,if it goes to a remote solenoid, that is the starter solenoid. Any new mower with a problem, you need...
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    Ferris isx 800

    Yes, real good mower. The 3 link susp. up front with those soft coil-overs front and back, ride excellent. I'm the service tech in the back shop but, they sell a lot of them up front at the dealership i'm at!
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    rtz 50 spindle bent?

    These Cub Cadet RZT stamped steel decks are notorious for cracking / breaking where the spindle bolts on, caused from hitting stuff with the blades, I have seen a ton of them come in our shop for repair as i'm sure all techs have. A customer just brought one in Tues with the deck all cracked and...
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    hydro tranny are there any differences

    WOW....making a call like that for someone on here, that is going above and beyond.....much respect!
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    Husqavana GTH 2754 deck adjustment issues

    1/2" is too low on blade rake....try 1/8"
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    hydro tranny are there any differences

    To compare them, you shouldn't need to remove them, just remove the battery (if it's under the seat) to gain top side viewing access and remove the tires & wheels for side view should be able to see the drive pulley, all linkage and brake set-ups to see if they will interchange!
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    PTO clutch won't disengage! Help

    If it was working good before you removed it and now it's not, must have been installed incorrectly.Take it back off and inspect it!On some clutches, when you bolt it on, there is a sleeve with a shoulder on it that the bolt goes through. Make sure that piece is there, it spaces the crank and...
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    hydro tranny are there any differences

    I would say they are different but.....the best way without knowing for sure, is to look at them and compare!
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    bleedind the hydro gear on a bobcat z turn 48 inch cut

    I'm not familiar with a Bobcat mower but, I am familiar with Hydrogear wheel mtrs. What model/series Hydrogear whl mtr is it and, what gasket did you change?
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    Ultima ZT150 doesn't move

    The drive belt tension spring loops through a hole on the front edge of the idler pulley arm, then the other end loops through a 3/8 x 1 inch longated hole, on the right side edge of the bottom floor pan.
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    Belt tension adjustment for older mower deck

    One thing I noticed in your pics is, the belt is twisted.
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    I lost the crab grass battle this year

    And I thought a little clover in my yard was a bad deal....
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    MTD Cub Cadet 42 inch deck belt size

    I see someone went to the same Arts and Drafting Class I did!
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    2017 3200 with 32hp vanguard clutch/motor issue

    The Ferris mowers we sell have a 4 yr warranty (to the original owner) so 2017 is in that window.......I would check into that if I were you.
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    Bad boy maverick blades

    Nope, Fusion blades are about as good as you can get. Fusion is in reality, small welds on the bottom of the blade on the cutting edge, welds are harder then grade steel, that's why they do that. "wet thick grass" will take a toll on any blade in time and "Sand" will wear any blade down fairly...
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    8 Hour Review - MTD Cub Cadet RZT SX54

    Thanks.....I was just trying to figure out what eng you had. You said something about a Kaw EFI but had a choke knob, so I had to check it out. Anyways....from your pics you have a Kaw FR651 carbureted engine rated at 21.5 hp. Cub Cadet does have a EFI eng that comes on them that is built...
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    8 Hour Review - MTD Cub Cadet RZT SX54

    I'd really like to see a pic of your engine from, standing behind the mower, and the model & serial # off the engine, if it's a Kaw, it will have a code #
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    Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Repair People

    Probably would've had to call the cops...I try to NOT, escalate problems if at all possible....people are on the very edge in todays society!
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    Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Repair People

    About a month ago, a guy brought in a zero turn mower in that he bought from us, and had it 2 weeks. It had quit running in the middle of his mow, and this guy was pissed off about it. He had to get help to push it on the trailer to bring it to us. He was so pissed off and mad about it that I...
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    Common Mistakes Made By Amateur Repair People

    The first mistake they make is.......opening their tool box!
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    Failed Attempt to Adjust Valves on Kawasaki FD750D Water Cooled Engine

    I'll just say this and leave it at that, just because the Flywheel magnet and coil is lined up, doesn't mean that cyl is at TDC....there is more to it than that.
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    Failed Attempt to Adjust Valves on Kawasaki FD750D Water Cooled Engine

    Not to be critical but....."got what I believed the Cyl to be at TDC" might just be the problem, you have to know where TDC is and also know what you're doing. It's easier to mess things up than to repair them......if you're just guessing.
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    Looks Briggs is going to file Charter 11

    B&S is not defunked boss said the harness has been shipped....we'll see!
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    Looks Briggs is going to file Charter 11

    This is correct! I just found it odd that a part (eng wiring harness for their high dollar EFI eng on their B&S high dollar mower) on a 2 year old mower that has a 4 yr B&S warranty, is on back order. B&S told me they had a problem with them (the harness) so, you would think they had them in...
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    23 HP Kohler Courage makes a puffing noise when cutting off

    It could be the EX gasket leaking but, those Kohlers are prone to head gaskets blowing. Try to isolate the "puffing" noise so you'll know what to repair.
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    Looks Briggs is going to file Charter 11

    This must be why a B&S eng wiring harness, for a Vang EFI eng that we ordered to repair a customers mower, is on back I know why it's taking so long to get it....I hate it for our customer.
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    Needing help on a price

    One draw back is......Tecumseh went out of business a few years ago, there are a few aftermarket products but, they are limited.
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    Stabilizer link - is it nessessary?

    Sure, it will work without it but, for how long before you start throwing the belt off. When you engage the blades, have you ever noticed how it twists the deck? That stabilizer rod helps keep the deck from twisting thus...keeping the belt more aligned and tight when engaged.
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    Courage 20hp carb mounting studs...

    Heli-coils if you can find that thread pitch.....I have made them work in some tougher spots then that!
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    Bad Boy zero turn mower wont stay running

    Sounds like a low battery...make sure your "brand new" battery is good, enough CCA's and holding charge....I have seen "brand new" batteries not be good enough, and or make sure the mower is charging the battery....the PTO clutch uses a lot of amps and will shut the eng off when in use, if the...
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    New transaxle for 2007 MTD, have some questions

    I'd say, unless you can seal it back up real good....your thinner lube will just run out of it eventually. Grease clings and will stay longer.....remember, this is a low speed mower, not a car going down the highway at 70 mph.
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    Electric clutch ZT ELITE

    It is most likely the PTO switch....but if the Clutch is bad or going bad, it will burn out a new PTO switch within a few minutes. The dealer you bought it from should at least check it out for you....even if they won't warranty it. The clutch has a resistance that is measured to see if it is bad.
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    old RZT50 deck belt too short?

    Go to a Cub Cadet mower dealership, not a box store, with the model # of your mower off the white tag under the should get the correct belt that way.....should!
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    old RZT50 deck belt too short?

    Yep...wrong belt, if the pic of the belt is the one you says fits Lawn Tractors and they are very different from a RZT
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    Bad Boy Maverick running rough w/ blades engaged

    If you bought it new in 2019 and are the original owner, it should still be under warranty. The Bad Boys we sell (we are a new mower dealership and not a box store) have a 2 year warranty. Warranty covers manufactures defects, if that is what it is......if it is a defect caused by the owner...
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    Solid front tires, marathon tires

    Just find you a mower shop that will mount Flat-Free tires on your wheels.....we do it all the time!
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    Where does this hose connect?

    12 is the vent tube - 21 is the vent, it does not connect anywhere...they are usually run up vertical from the tank out of the vents the tank.
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    Should I buy a cub cadet zero turn lawnmower

    Those are decent mowers but, It really depends on what kind of service it's had through the years, some people never service a mower and run it until it stops...others maintain a regular service schedule so they will last longer. Either way, 518 hrs is getting up there and there are a lot of...
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    Briggs pistons, chrome plated vs plain, visible difference?

    New B&S "chromed" or plated pistons actually have a dull gray looking finish on them...the New B&S un-plated pistons are shiny and look more like polished Alum.
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    Brand new HRX217 takes multiple pulls to start when cold. Is this normal?

    That's all true but......I call that, "job security"
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    Brand new HRX217 takes multiple pulls to start when cold. Is this normal?

    I typed that's 10% not bad!
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    Brand new HRX217 takes multiple pulls to start when cold. Is this normal?

    All newer mowers are good for up to 15% of good, fresh ethanol gas, says so right on the fuel caps also depends on where and how the mower is stored.
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    Engine off, blade PTO pulley locked won't turn.

    I tell people everyday....DO NOT REMOVE DECK to replace the blades....if you do, you're doing way more work then you need to and you might run in to a problem after you re-install it!
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    Bad Boy mowers have a routing diagram sticker on them for the drive & deck belt....if they havn't been high pressure washed off! High pressure washing is another "subject" though!
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    Mower tracking to left

    Each lap bar has a "stop" on them, loosen L. lap bar stop and adjust it to the speed that drives it straight!
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    Dixie Chopper

    I believe that's a 2001
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    Brand new HRX217 takes multiple pulls to start when cold. Is this normal?

    Believe it or not.....mowers start easier and RUN BETTER on 87 octane fuel.........and NOT high octane fuel !