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Sorry to bother you, I have stumbled across this forum post that you wrote a few years ago

I am experiencing very similar issues, have replaced the carb and 1 ignition coil. did you and your buddy ever manage to get to the bottom of it?

Many thanks in advance,
Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out.

That was such a long time ago I do not recall what the resolution was. I will dig through my records and see if I can find anything that jogs my memory,
many thanks!
Hi I have the same tractor and don't have the problem ( yet) however I do have problem with the drive belt breaking. I don't think I'm putting it on correctly because the picture is the manual is useless !!!. If you still have this tractor could you do me a great favor and take a picture of the bottom of the tractor showing how the belt is installed. Thanks in advance !!!!
My JD F620 54 rear seal (popped out). oil light did’t come on)- there was ~3/8”
Seal intact and leak from left side (opposite oil cooler / oil filter side). Trying to figure if I have a bad head gasket??? And if that would dump oil , engine runs as before.long block repair it, or get a new engine and transfer muffler, controls, etc... ?? I see some on line for <$2K?