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Joining the website for periodic needs to get second opinions, advice or suggestions. Hoping to connect with professional landscapers that serve a "high-end residential customer base" in other areas. Thanks!
I would have bet $100.00 you were correct on it being the fuel system. But as I kept checking every thing on the fuel system I found nothing wrong. So I moved to ignition. I found the condensor to be bad by process of ellimination. I've never seen it before and probably never will Thanks for the imput. Makes a guy think of everything. I read this site daily to see problems and learn repairs as I'm OLD gear head.
Have John Deere E180 w/54" deck. Briggs engine. Had Home Depot oil filter system. Got rid of it with the kit. Lots better. About 200 hours on it. Last mowing shut off okay. Next try [ 2 days later] it keeps blowing the 20 amp fuse when the key goes to start. Anyone experience that before?
Hello Hans, I see you live in Cologne. Is there any chance you could help me with my John Deere 160? I would be very grateful. I live in Königswinter.
Gruß Jane