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I have a gravely 260z promaster. Just replaced hub and brake pads came out when I took caliper off . Can’t seem to find any film or instructions on how the pads go back. Trying to figute it out is driving me nuts🥴
You posted this in your profile. Very few people will see it there. Move this or re-post your problem in the Gravely forum and you should have better luck.
Have a Honda HR215-HE, MZAM-6244755. Mid 90s model. I don't see the "-HE" model anywhere on the net. It has a hydrostatic transmission and I'm trying to bleed the air. There is a post on this forum that gives the bleeding procedure for this range of MZAM #. But it refers to "HX" models. Is the "X" meant to be just a place holder, such that "-HE" is also included for this bleeding procedure?
You posted this in your profile. Not many people will see it here. Please repost in the Honda forum.
Owner of a Hustler Hog. Model #: 926006 with 705.4 hours.
Like everybody knows this is one "Bad A&& Mower" Mine has the bush hog deck on it but you would think it has a grooming deck on it.
Only things I have replaced other than usual maintenance items like belts and engine fluids are the key switch and starter solenoid..
The hog lives up to its name. Would like a mower deck belt diagram ..
Your post is in your profile where not that many people may see it.. You might have better luck if you post your question in the Hustler forum.
Thanks Mark! I've seen those - pretty pricey for the one little part I need. What do you think my chances are of being able to successfully MIG weld the one of mine that snapped in half? S