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Miss my wife .... I'll see you again soon Doris
I was given a Simplicty 4210 Lawn Tractor with 10hp b+s model 255707 type 0110-01 code 88041831 engine. It ran a little bit ( poorly) and now won’t run at all. It is an electric start motor, and with the air cleaner off and while cranking the engine, I believe I am getting blow back pressure through the carburetor (spitting gas out the air intake). Any suggestions in troubleshooting this issue?
I have a lc2221A AWD......I saw your pic about the spring.....does the end of the spring go into a slot on the frame....I do see a slot in the frame. the spring is missing from mine.
Do you have a copy of the Ryobi RY48111 Riding Mower repair manual? We have not been able to identify the issue as the blades are not turning. Replaced the battery (installed a lithium 48V for easier use). The mower does move. Using a multi-meter to measure the leads from both of the blade motor controllers, they were all measuring 18 ohms. Replaced one of the mower motors and it is still not working though.