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Jul 21, 2018
I was searching the web for Greenworks 40V 21" MO40L02 Self Propelled Mower and this forum popped up.

I had bought the Greenworks 20312 40V G-MAX Brushless 16" Chainsaw w/ 4Ah battery & charger about a month ago, and was blown away by it's performance. So much so, I've since bought:

26272 20" Brushless Snow Thrower w/ 4Ah bat & charger
2100202 14" Swath Brushless Attachment Capable String Trimmer (tool only)
MO40L01 21" Brushless Lawn Mower (tool only, non SP)
24322 Brushless Blower / Vac w/ 4Ah bat & charger
2901319 2.5 Compact Ah Battery

I've obviously not had a chance to use the Snow Thrower yet, but everything else I'm very happy with.

The Chain Saw just blows away my previous 18V Cordless Ryobi 10" Bar P542. TheP542 has a fixed chain speed of about 85 IPS, where the Greenworks has a variable speed between 130-418 IPS (no load), which appears to be very similar to my 17 year old Gas Homelite 16" Bar 23Av performance. The Homelite started to give me trouble last Summer which prompted me to research Brushless Cordless models.

The String Trimmer is an absolute beast and works great, but for an hour's worth of trimming that is typical on my lawn I still prefer my much lighter Ryobi 18V 13" Brushless P2009 that is a 2/3rds of the weight (8.8 lbs. w/ 4Ah battery vs. 13.18 lbs. w/ 2.5Ah battery). The Greenworks trimmer is much more heavy duty, has a similar feed-through trimmer head that is far superior to the Ryobi version plus it can accept attachments and comes with a shoulder strap so I'm not disappointed in the purchase.

Absolutely love the Lawn Mower for the very small yard at my wife's office (takes less than 15 minutes) that I purchased it for. Also tested it out at home on our 15,000 square ft yard that typically takes an hour to cut and I was still impressed that I only went through 1.5 of the 4Ah batteries to cut the whole thing. It gives a nice cut, but I really prefer Self Propelled for this yard, so it will not be replacing either of my S-P Lawn-Boys (10525 & 10323).

The Blower Vac has much more power than my Ryobi P2180 18V Jet Fan Blower, but like the Trimmer at 43.7% or 26.9% additional weight (8.88 LBS w/ 4Ah or 7.84 LBS w/ 2.5 Ah vs. 6.18 LBS w/ 4Ah Ryobi).

A full charge on the 2.5 Ah battery got all the grass cut and all string trimming done at my wife's office (1/2 to 3/4 hr of work) then did a 1/3 to 1/2 my blowing at home (15-20 minutes or so on max LOW speed) before it ran out of juice ... not too bad for the "small" battery !! Finished up my blowing with a 4Ah battery, this time on max HIGH speed and had 1/2 of the battery left.



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Jun 10, 2019
Recently bought an eGo 7.5Amp hour self-propelled model.
My yard is small enough that I can mow it using under half the battery, and I'll eventually buy the eGo string trimmer to finish around trees, drive/sidewalk, and other items in the yard.

The mower is light enough and the yard flat enough that I usually just push it, without using the self propel motors. I bought the self-propelled model because I wanted the larger battery capacity that came with it.