Honda 389cc engine binding in one spot


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Nov 29, 2014
It took a while for me to sort out this one .
As a rule, if I can't fix it I don't charge .
This stops me taking on hopeless cases and makes me tell customers up front that it is time for a replacement .
When I kicked off, I let my ego get the better of me and made massive losses repairing the unrepairable.
Not only did this cost me money but I lost a lot of customers because I would get obsessed and literally spend weeks on a single job, while quick & easy jobs sat there for weeks if not months .

So now I charge for any parts put into a hopeless case and this is regardless of weather they offer me the mower or not .
I usually tell them to take it home , and next clean up pour a beer & time how long it stays in the street before some one takes it home.
I still do not charge for the labour .
If the parts are serviceable they go into the "poverty box" for pensioners , charities ( I give the Mens Shed a lot of stuff ) or the like .
The mower, if left behind goes around the back into the graveyard .