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  • I need a replacement B & S 690656 intake valve retainer for 28M707. This is not available in Australia or not able to be posted from the US. Any suggestions? Alternatively, does the split retainer for the exhaust valve fit the inlet valve?
    Thanks PaulD
    I have an Honda hrx 217 that had a bent shaft. Replaced the crank shaft and put it back together and when you pull the cord without the sparkplug in it sounds good but with the sparkplug in it makes a metal tapping sound on the compression stroke. Can't quite locate the sound location. Any ideas. I really don't want to reopen the engine again. But I will if needed.
    I would have bet $100.00 you were correct on it being the fuel system. But as I kept checking every thing on the fuel system I found nothing wrong. So I moved to ignition. I found the condensor to be bad by process of ellimination. I've never seen it before and probably never will Thanks for the imput. Makes a guy think of everything. I read this site daily to see problems and learn repairs as I'm OLD gear head.
    thanks for the advice on my "shift" problem. What it is that I can't put it in F or R when brake is applied. I have to stop the engine and then I can change.Based on what you said, I leaning to brake adjustment because it has a lot of travel in the pedal and does not stop that quick.
    Thanks for the tip on the loncin motor. Turns out it had a fuel filter blockage at the fuel tank. bling1
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    Bert, won't turn over, solenoid is clicking. Going to have it checked ,figured it's probably that and/or the starter
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