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  • thanks for the advice on my "shift" problem. What it is that I can't put it in F or R when brake is applied. I have to stop the engine and then I can change.Based on what you said, I leaning to brake adjustment because it has a lot of travel in the pedal and does not stop that quick.
    Thanks for the tip on the loncin motor. Turns out it had a fuel filter blockage at the fuel tank. bling1
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    Bert, won't turn over, solenoid is clicking. Going to have it checked ,figured it's probably that and/or the starter
    I have been unable to reply to your comments about my mower that went underwater. If you prefer, you can simply reply to my forum posting at http://www.lawnmowerforum.com/craftsman-forum/36169-craftsman-push-mower-will-not-start-after-being-underwater.html

    I really wish I could figure out why I'm getting HTTP errors every time I attempt to reply via the forum.

    Thanks for the reply. I think you may have figured it out but I'm not sure what my next step needs to be. I'm not a small engine guru (not even close). There are 2 bolts near the bottom of the carburetor. Do I remove the one on the side and leave it off? I assume the bolt on the bottom holds the bottom piece to the main unit of the carburetor. This is the kit I bought from Amazon and it came from China:



    hi there!
    am wondering if you could advise re the necessity of changing the fluid in the drive unit on a hydro-drive Rover Rancher (model 28266; year 2005).
    Bought it yesterday; did a mow and am a tad concerned 'bout the noises it makes, and also that it climbs not at all well: ramping into the trailer is almost a non-event . . impossible with the catcher attached. And yes, I have wi-ide ramps!!
    anyway, all info appreciated
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