Need Outdoor Security Cameras


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Sep 14, 2021
Hi, I'm from Mississauga. Already have a good security system in my house. With the motion sensor, CO sensor, smoke detector, a smart lock, cameras inside the house and live monitoring facility. It's been two years and the system is working very well.

But now I'm thinking about upgrading my home security system. I don't wanna change the existing system. Though I would like to add something more. Mainly I need some outdoor security cameras, Something with night vision will be good. Moreover, one problem with my existing security system is we can't watch the feeds later. So I need a cloud storage facility too.

The home security systems company I'm hiring now also provides security cameras. So I'm going to call them. But before, Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.
Walter, have you looked at Ring, for $12 a month or $100 a year, they provide you with play back recordings, the night picture quality is great. The other thing I really like, for a long a you keep your contact in place, if any of your devices fail they are replaced 100% no cost., Cheers, Ray
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