HomeLite string trimmer


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Nov 29, 2014
Quality equipment cost a bit more because the warehouse keeps all those $ 1.00 parts so you can fix your stuff.
Cheap stuff have no warehouse, strait from the factory / ship / container to the shop saves a lot of money and makes them cheap enough for cheapskates to buy.
No racket, simple economics.
The $ 1.00 part will end up costing $ 20 in warehousing after 10 years x 35,000 parts, not economic.
A capacitor that was 2p in 1952 when it went into stock had $ 72.00 of warehousing costs on it by 1999 and then there is a wholesale mark up, delivery & retail mark up before you get your hands on it.

And Ford could make good money on parts because there was not many of them and a rapid turn over as T's were not the best made of vehicles.


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Jul 3, 2015
I've got a Homelite trimmer that is probably 10 years old. The manufacturer's plate on the engine says John Deere, but I'm relatively certain JD didn't make the engine and it was made for them by someone else. So I've got a 25cc engine of unknown manufacture made for John Deere then rebranded as Home Depot's brand Home Lite. Anybody know who actually made the engine on this thing? I think Ryobi makes the HomeLite stuff now, but did they 10 years ago?

I dont know how many different models JD sold but the one i have mothballed above my garage (as a spare if my dad ever needs parts) there were many identical trimmers under the many brands Ryobi sold- well at least the 3 i have come across so odds are every name Ryobi sold it under.