1. J

    Briggs& Stratton engine will not turn over

    In the last two weeks I've done many things, but in the meantime the current problem is this definitely getting spark to the spark plug after spraying carburetor cleaner into the intake while turning the key. The only thing that happens is backfire through the carburetor or popping the engine...
  2. M

    Welcome to the Dixie Chopper Forum!

    GREETINGS to all Dixie Chopper mower owners! If you're new to the forum, please reply to this thread and introduce yourself and your mower (that is, if your mower have a name). Maybe attach a photo or two of your mower and show off your pride and joy. Also, if you haven't done so already, you...
  3. S

    Ferris 23 Hp B&S Engine Vibration

    Ferris 48" Part No 5901740, B&S 23 Hp, Commercial Series, Model 44C777000 5 G1 Engine has developed a vibration, throughout rev range (deck not engaged) Work done: Armature gap within specification. Valve clearances, adjusted. Spark plugs cleaned & gaped - good spark. Fuel supply - good. Air &...
  4. M

    Toro Recycler, Briggs engine quit working after oil change

    I picked up a toro recycler 22 with Briggs 128m02-3425-b1 engine. Compression was very weak, I lapped the valve seats and it started up and ran great. I did a 10 minute or so test cut, changed the drive belt and cut my front yard. Ran great. I changed the oil, and it hasn't started since...
  5. B

    Kawasaki FR730V engine will try to start and when you turn the key off it hums or whines like it is still trying to start

    Kawasaki FR730V engine will try to start and when you turn the key off it hums or whines like it is still trying to start. i have replaced the starter.
  6. B

    Starter will not turn engine sometimes

    Good morning. I have a White Outdoor Transmatic Lawn Tractor Model 606, with a Kohler engine Model SV7103 Spec# SV710-0011 Serial # 370108653. My issue is It is hard to start. Turn the key and I can hear the soloonode click and the starter engage, but not turn the engine. Repeat and no turn...
  7. C

    Kohler ZT 740 engine stuck!

    Kohler on Grasshopper 225V,2018, we bought this mower used at an estate sale about a year ago with less than 700 hours and were told it had just been serviced! I put about 200 hours on it and decided to change oil and filter, used all Kohler parts machine ran great for about 4 hours, yesterday...
  8. P

    Can you add an engine oil filter on some BnS engines?

    I have what looks like a cover on the lower left side of the engine. I was wondering if that cover can simply be unscrewed and replace with an oil filter? M/N 4076770 258E1 Thank you in advance!
  9. J

    Kohler Engine With Foamy Oil

    The engine I was working on is a Kohler Command CV22S. It is a 2001 and running great. I had just changed the oil and was test running the engine. During the checking of the oil level I noticed that it was a little foamy. That should have set off an alert. I continued noting that the oil...
  10. G

    Run away engine

    I think I posted something about this a couple weeks ago. On startup after sitting idle for a season this John Deere D140 riding mower with a B&S 24hp motor revved up so high I thought it was going to blow up. The governor went full throttle and would not go to an idle. I took the engine apart...
  11. K

    JD 777 stopped and won't start

    Hello, was mowing with JD 777 zero turn. Engine just stopped after mowing about 30 minutes. Cranks and has fire, but will not start.
  12. B

    Toro 20372 w/Toro Engine

    I have a Toro 3072 mower with what I believe is a Toro engine model lc1p65fc engine. Presently it will start first pull and run perfectly. It will not restart when warm. It will sometimes stutter, cough and maybe start and run ok. I've run out of things to check. Is the attached photo of the...
  13. 2ball

    Engine disconnected from the mower deck push mower.

    2 of the 3 bolts that attach the engine to the mower deck ripped out of the mower deck of my self propelled push mower. What is the fix for this? I don't have access to a welder.
  14. E

    Engine locks up during pull-start

    I have a GX200 6.5 Hp powered pressure washer that is too difficult to pull-start. I took it on as a project, but things are not looking good. I've checked the valve lash (to make sure the anti-compression was opening the valve a bit) and the crank key (to make sure kickback wasn't from...
  15. N

    engine died when I bumped into a support post on back porch

    No impact to blade just was backing out turned a bit with front wheels elevated, bumped kinda hard into upright & engine cut off. Has been over 2H & won't restart.
  16. 1


    engine shuts off when I engage pto. the 3 light on circuit go out at the same time. tried a new pto switch and brake safety switch but did the same.
  17. D

    3311X6S - just purchased - questions about engine

    I just picked up a fairly nice looking 3311X6S (I am guessing on the 6 - can't remember for sure). I was little surprised to see it was a 1980's model - by the looks I had assumed 1970s or earlier. The previous owner told me about all the trouble had trying to get it to run and how it had sat...
  18. C

    Engine fades away

    I'm trying to fix a friends rider. It has a B&S 22 hp v-twin 'professional' series engine, model 44U677-0002 G1. It has a single barrel carb. The problem: When he's mowing, the engine will run fine, but then fade out, spit thru the carb once or twice, then come back and be fine for a little...
  19. W

    Engine swap and wiring help

    I took the engine off a John Deere lt155 and put it on a swisher pull behind. I pulled all the wiring harness, relays, and safety switches off and I can get the engine to run but I want to eliminate all the wiring that I can. I just want to be able to start and stop the engine with the key...
  20. A

    engine will not stay running

    have a cub cadetsc500 21 inch electric start mower with the following engine 2P70MU have cleaned carb it will start and run for a few seconds acting like not getting gas, so put a new carb on it and it does the same thiing, will not stay runnung like it is not getting gas any help would very...
  21. StarTech

    161QML engine IPL with part numbers needed

    2020 GY6 161QML engine IPL with part numbers needed.
  22. B

    Engine miss

    Bowens 11A-584E765 mower. B&S 3BSXS.1581VG engine. You fire the engine up and after 10-30 seconds it starts a sporadic miss in the RPMs. The spark plug is on the sooty side of black.
  23. L

    FH580V Upper Engine Oil Leak(s)

    This topic came up after I started a thread about my starter on this engine. Seemed like a new thread is in order: One or more significant oil leaks have existed for sometime causing quite a mess on the entire upper engine (mostly hidden by the engine cover). Txmowman pointed to the breather...
  24. rrkpitt15

    Same engine parts?

    Does anyone know if 44p777 and 446777 engines have the same cylinders/heads/etc. Trying to salvage one motor with another.
  25. V

    Troy Built with 15.5 hp 500 cc Briggs & Stratton engine runs poorly with lots of white smoke

    Engine was running fairly good but started surging so I replaced the carburetor and crankcase air breather tube and now the engine produces a lot of smoke and will not stay running. Any ideas?
  26. H

    Kawasaki FD731 dies when engine warms up

    I have posted the problems that I have with my BADBOY 2009 Lightning not stating. Here is a new thread that I am hoping will get me some new help. It starts and runs until the engine warms up gets hot them dies and will not restart until it cools down or about a 30 mins to a hour. I have...
  27. K

    Engine floods while running

    I had problems starting my JD zero turn with B&S Vtech. Would start only if I put drops of fuel on air filter. This got worse until I finally changed carb with OEM. Ran great for a couple days then would die while running as if out of gas. I had put on a manual gas shutoff while swapping carb...
  28. D

    Engine Replacement

    I have an Kawasaki® FR691V Twin 23 hp/726cc. It is on an ariens ikon xd 52. I want to replace it with a FS691V. Will this work as a replacement? The FS engine is slightly large. That is about all I know.
  29. N

    44S977-0032-G1 Engine Wiring

    I bought a 44S977-0032-G1 engine to replace my failed engine. Does anyone know what the wires are for this engine? There are 3 colored wires Red goes to the voltage rectifier and regulator, There is a grey wire which I am assuming is the fuel cut off solenoid. And there is a Black wire which I...
  30. J

    oil for 25 hp briggs and stratton cxi engine

    Manual says vanguard full synthetic 15w50 is preferred, 5w30 synthetic also an option. My question: the vanguard costs more. Walmart has Mobil 1 15w50 and Valvoline 5w30 for less. Would either of these be o.k. to use other than the Vanguard? Opinions appreciated. This is on a Bradley stand...
  31. R

    Husqvarna m-zt 52 Will Start But Moving the Control Handles or Releasing Park Brake Turns Engine Off

    M-ZT Will Start But Moving the Control Handles or Releasing Park Brake Turns Engine Off. Was mowing, engine started to miss, thought it was out of fuel. It stopped. Filled it with fuel. Engine started ok and seems normal, but, releasing the Park Brake or moving Control Handles kills the engine...
  32. D

    Toro zero turn v-twin won't start

    Update - Toro MX4250 74760 315002651 June 2015 24.5hp 708cc Loncin 2P77F engine. After checking everything, I bought new coils. It started right up and I ran it for a few minutes and figured all was good. Went out a couple hours later and would not start. It does have spark, good compression and...
  33. R

    New 75755 engine problem

    How do you remove the oil drain hose on the Toro Engine 24.5 hp without breaking the holder. I have tried pulling down on the hose nothing moves. Tried using pliers to turn the hose and pulling down still not working. Toro support is a joke for any help.
  34. PTmowerMech

    Engine swap pulley problem

    M# LGT2654 Product # 960450047 S# 061815A031116 Briggs 407777 0274 G5 A couple of issues here. This engine has the smaller crank because it had the manual PTO. The rider it's on now, once had an electric PTO. Using the crank & deck pulley, the deck belt pulley rubs the drag links when I turn...
  35. G

    B&S 12.5hp on 28" Snapper rear engine rider.

    I put a new battery into the mower and it worked fine. But the red plastic cover over the positive terminal was shot - so I ordered some covers. Today I installed them on both terminals - r/b. The starter gets juice but it doesn't turn over. Sounds like a stuck solenoid on a 1966 Ford I used...
  36. B

    John Deere 345- Kawasaki FD611V Water Cooled Engine

    I have a JD 345 with FD611V engine that needs a rebuild. JD says they can’t get rebuild kits for it any longer, Kawasaki says it can’t give me parts information because it is a JD proprietary engine built for JD, I contacted them to see what air cooled engine would interchange with it……… Does...
  37. S

    Engine overheating on Exmark Lazer Z

    I retired about 3 years ago after 48 years as a Ford/Lincoln Mercury tech. Now I spend my time fixing other things. I have a neighbor with a 1999 Exmark Lazer Z, model LZ22LKA604 and serial #204513 and engine #FD661D003939. It is a Kawasaki V twin, water cooled. Over the years I have...
  38. J

    Valve clearances for Briggs & Stratton engine model# 08P502-0169F

    Anybody know what the valve clearances are supposed to be on a Briggs & Stratton Model# 08P502-0169F
  39. B

    Removing Classic Engine

    Hi all. I need to remove the engine from my Hayter Hobby 41 mower. The engine is a Briggs and Stratton unit: Model: 94502 Type: 5911-02 Code: 88072804 The frictiod disc (underneath, where the blade mounts) needs to be removed from the crank to get the engine out. I suspect it is a push fit with...
  40. M

    Bobcat, 61inch, 24hp Koehler engine makes bubbling noise in carb when adding new engine oil

    Friend of mine called and asked me if I ever heard of this situation and if I could explain it. He has a Bobcat zero turn with a 24 hp Koehler engine. He drained the oil and when he started to add new oil, he could hear bubbling noises coming from his carb. The noise sounded like someone was...
  41. B

    Husqvarna MZT-61 Engine/Hydro stat Question

    I hope this is the place to ask this question. It's a bit open ended. While mowing his lawn, my father in law heard a clunk and noticed that what appeared to oil was coming from the bottom/back of his mower. It's a Husqvarna MZT-61 with a 27hp Briggs engine. My question is two part. 1. With...
  42. 1


    engine shuts off when I engage pto. the 3 light on circuit go out at the same time. tried a new pto switch and brake safety switch but did the same.
  43. Massey28617

    Water in engine

    I have changed a lot of oil in my days, most of them pretty old small engines and a lot in pretty poor condition (Troy Bilt tiller rehab is my current hobby). Had a first today, a friend had me pick up his Craftsman T130 riding mower and try to bring it back to life. It had been parked under...
  44. G

    Series 080000 engine reliability and out-of-gas symptoms

    I recently bought a cheap used Bolens 11A-020W765 mower with the 125cc Briggs 08P502-0165 engine, which has the plastic carb and foam air filter. I got it for trim work, but before I needed to use it for that, I needed to use it to mow a small yard. The first time I tried to mow with it, it ran...
  45. G

    runaway engine

    Particulars: John Deere riding lawnmower, D140, 22hp Briggs and Stratton engine. the mower was started after sitting for a season, and with the throttle in the low speed position the engine revved up so high it sounded like it was about to explode. Shut it down, repeated the start process and it...
  46. l008com

    Engine Brake

    So what is the purpose of the engine brake? I only found out about this feature recently. It seems kind of pointless to me. Who cares if your motor takes a little longer to stop spinning? It seems like that would not effect me at all? Is there some benefit to this feature that I'm not missing...
  47. T

    Cub Cadet ZT1 50 with Kawasaki FR691V engine that won't run right after its warm. Sputters, surges and dies

    The engine started surging after running and cutting for about 10 minutes. RPMs up and down and then had to engage choke to keep it running but RPMs would still hunt and then it would die. I installed: New carburetor New air filter New fuel lines New fuel pump New fuel filter New gas Removed and...
  48. T

    Can an I/C engine be identified from Model Type Code info?

    I acquired a Giant Vac leaf blower with a 5hp engine that has an I/C decal on it. I'm trying to determine if it's really an I/C engine. The engine info: 132212 0362 - 01 88060607 I looked in the service book for L heads(270962) at the 'decoder' page and I don't see where they specifically...
  49. V

    Ferris ISX2200 w/28hp Vanguard engine.....oil leak

    I have a new (4.2 hours) 19 day old 2024 Ferris ISX2200 w/28hp Vanguard engine. When delivered I asked the delivery guy if everything had been checked and he stated that it was "ready to mow". After mowing for two hours, the mower was parked in the shop. Next day I decided to check the oil...
  50. T

    Replacement Briggs engine

    I have a Briggs and Stratton engine on a log splitter that needs to be replaced. I got it for free but the engine is locked up due to the old owner running it without oil. Its on a Huskee 22 ton log splitter. Honestly it looks like a push mower engine but I wasn't sure if one would work. I did...
  51. T

    Engine stutters after an hour of rynning

    I have a 19hp Briggs and Stratton engine on a Husqvarna 2042 YTH. I have changed the plug, cleaned fuel tank, cleaned carburetor, and checked the seat switch. The issue is that after about an hour of mower the engine will stutter/bog down. I can release the blade switch the engine will...
  52. J

    Help Identify NOS B&S shortblock engine gaskets 799984 / 128M02-0423-F1

    Can anyone tell me what these are for? (circled) This is my exact engine and application - 128M02-0423-F1 I bought a NOS Briggs and Stratton short block engine that included a gasket set. PS Since originally posting this I was able to figure out some of it. One is the intake manifold to...
  53. B

    Engine specs for HV764

    G'day all Got a TS 142T husqvarna fitted with a Loncin CC HV764 engine Displays typical no ACR symptoms so after wasting a day trying to find the specs for the engine , I thought i might just have a stab After fighting with the glued on rocker covers for an hour I find every rocker has a...
  54. R

    Cleaning the engine on a walk behind 21 inch mower

    My Honda HRN 21 inch mower had some debris & caked up oil on the block of the engine and I was wondering if it’s safe to spray on a degreaser ( heat the engine first?) on the engine and then spray the entire engine with water from a pump sprayed.Is this the best way to clean the mower?
  55. B

    huster raptor sputter in engine

    i have a hustler raptor mower with a kohler 7000 series engine..it has started to sputter like its running out of gas..i am going to change the fuel filter to see if that helps..what else should i check?
  56. G

    Engine stops more quickly after shutoff than before

    Mower: Cub Cadet Pro Z 100S Engine: Kohler EZT750. ~385 hrs. I noticed on my last mow, that when I shut off the engine, it stops more quickly than it did last season. Or even two weeks ago (when I previously mowed). Should I be concerned? Oil is fresh, and level is good. One change from last...
  57. faithie999

    Dating an FD620D engine in a John Deere 425

    I looked at a John Deere 425 this morning. It has the FD620D engine. The serial number tag is gone from the mower so I can't date the mower. I'm reluctant to buy it until I'm sure the engine has steel cams, which I believe are post-1998. The mower has 1435 hours on it. I didn't know where...
  58. B

    Removing Classic Engine

    Hi all. I need to remove the engine from my Hayter Hobby 41 mower. The engine is a Briggs and Stratton unit: Model: 94502 Type: 5911-02 Code: 88072804 The flywheel (underneath, where the blade mounts) needs to be removed from the crank to get the engine out. I suspect it is a push fit with...
  59. D

    B & S toHonda engine swap

    Hi I have a Stiga ride on with a B&S 12hp motor, that is seized. I have been offered a Honda GXV 390 13HP motor. Is this a feasible swap, in terms of mechanical mounting? Thanks
  60. H

    Lawn mower wiring help needed ( late 80s rear engine areins )

    I got an areins lawn mower for free and the previous person ripped all of the wiring out and I have to start from scratch. I dont plan on redoing all the wiring like it was originally, I just want the seat. Is there a way to wire it up a kill switch where if I get out of the seat it would not...
  61. 2ball

    please delete double post

    please delete
  62. D

    Briggs 11HP synchro-balanced engine has a knock

    I built this log splitter about 25 years ago and it has split may tons of wood during that time. I changed the oil about a month ago and a few days ago I started it and it had a knock. I've started it several times and it knocks every time. The engine numbers are 252417 5526 01 and I assume this...
  63. R

    Engine swap

    I have a bolens bl41can 0 tiller with a bad engine. I have a Stihl f38 trimmer and an echo trimmer with good engines. Can I use the trimmer engines on the tiller?
  64. S

    Looking for a muffler for a Husqvarna ZTH6127 mower (Kohler Command Pro engine)

    I'm looking for a muffler for my ZTH6127 mower.