1. M

    Craftsman T2400 Kohler won't start

    Craftsman T2400 Kohler engine (24 hrs on the guage) purchased from Lowes May 2022. It has been doing great. Wife can never remember to choke before cranking OR to take it off choke once it is cranked. Yesterday she jumped on the tractor, cranked it up and took off with the choke engaged. I...
  2. S

    How to identify Craftsman MTD model

    Is there a way to find/get the model number for my Craftsman (MTD made) 159cc self propelled push mower? The model sticker came out a few years ago. There is a metal MTD tag on the side of the BS motor but it only tells what oil to use. I drug it out yesterday to mow the yard and the wheels...
  3. A

    Front wheel alignment for 2014 Craftsman T2400

    I just got this mower with the 46" deck. The front wheels are splayed out quite a bit and I'm wondering what position they should be in before I buy a couple steering rods. This unit appears to be almost a zero turn, since I can almost get the inside wheel to be almost 90 deg! Does that sound...
  4. Ronald_1938

    Craftsman Lawnmower. (Battery)

    Hi. I have an older Craftsman Lawnmower. Still in excellent shape, stored in a shed after using. I am getting to old to keep yanking the pull start, I am looking for a Battery for this machine. Battery hasn't been used probably in 15 plus years now. Craftsman 21 inch Lawnmower, electric start...
  5. N

    Craftsman wiring diagram?

    I am looking for a wiring diagram for a Craftman 247.203791 riding lawn tractor. It has a 22hp Kohler with a 46" deck. I went on the sears website and nothing. I can get parts diagrams but not wiring diagrams. I tried googling for a shop manual but nothing helpful came up, If i knew the MTD...
  6. T

    Shed for craftsman LT1000

    I'm planning on building a shed big enough to hold a Craftsman LT-1000 which has not arrived yet, Does anyone have the overall dimensions of this model of lawn tractor?
  7. T

    Craftsman won't crank after mowing lawn

    All the model numbers are in the pdf. I keep this mower on a Battery Minder when I'm not using it. The first time I ran it this year, it cranked ok and I mowed for about an hour and stopped it to blow the clippings off the deck. Then it wouldn't crank; not even a click from the solenoid. I...
  8. R

    I have a craftsman riding tractor and the deck is rusted thru

    What mower decks are compatible with my 917.270514 ?
  9. R

    Craftsman m250 self propelled.

    This self-propelled mower is only three or four years old. The opinion gear that fits in the pulling wheels is worn out and I can’t find one.. it’s part number in the manual is 175,103. The inner bore of the pin and gear has splines, and, of course the shaft that slides on is splined. If anyone...
  10. D

    2006 Craftsman DLT 3000 Electrical Issue

    Hello, Hopefully someone can help me troubleshoot an electrical issue that I am having with my 2006 Craftsman DLT 3000 riding mower. The unit started up good last Fall, but something weird has happened to the electrical system since then. When I sit in the seat and turn the ignition key -...
  11. S

    Craftsman YS4500 (917-276601) will not start

    I have a Craftsman YS4500 (917-276691) (Husqvarna YTH22V42) and when I went out to use it this week for the first time this season it did nothing when I turned the key. No solenoid clicking. No starter turning. Nothing. Last year I had notices that the rubber cover seemed to be a little in...
  12. flocksoflys

    1999 Craftsman 19.5 hp running problem

    I,ve had this mower 3 yrs. without a problem. Mowed most my lawn yesterday & went out to finish it this morning. It started right up. As soon as I let up on the brake/clutch it died. If I push the pedal in it starts right up every time. As soon as i start letting up on the pedal it dies. I'm at...
  13. E

    I need a deck

    I am looking for a mower deck for a craftsman LT1500 (mod# 247.288820) or a Troy bilt pony (as most part numbers are the same. I scraped a tree and tore one of the mounts through. I don't think it can be welded and frankly I'm tired of nursing this deck season to season. any ideas?
  14. M

    help with Craftsman 8400 pro series w/kohler motor

    Was mowing lot next door and suddenly the motor just starts racing. I shut it down and it took a while to shut off. I started back up but the motor is still racing at top speed pretty much no matter what position throttle cable is in. Throttle cable seems to be operating properly. It's...
  15. R

    2007 Craftsman 15.5 Air Fuel mixture screw setting.

    Hi, I've done a bit of googling too much almost and also searched this forum and threads either it's not on here which I doubt or I can't get the right key words to pull it up. Can some one tell me how to make this adjustment or tell me what the type or carburetor name is so I can attempt to...
  16. dawgn86

    Craftsman T3000 Lawn Tractor wont manually roll

    Good afternoon, I have been gifted a Craftsman lawn tractor from my in-laws and need to get it home to service, etc. Looks like a 2014 year model that hasn't ran in 4-5 years. This model has the hydrostatic transmission. Craftsman T3000 / Model 917.203900 / Serial # 021714A00317. The tractor...
  17. K

    Hello - I’m brand new and I hope you can give me some guidance. I have a 2018 craftsman mower with a Briggs

    Engine model 44R67. I was using it today for a couple hours, then took a break for a snack and when I went back out it would not even turn over. it didn’t appear that power from the battery was getting to anything; it didn’t click it didn’t even show the hours in the little window - just nothing...
  18. A

    Trouble with Summer Rye

    New guy here, but wanting some input or validation on my thinking with the scenario I find myself in. I own a Craftsman ZTL 7000 with a Briggs & Stratton V-Twin 24hp gross. Cutting heigh maximum is 3.25". In moving out to a new home on 5 acres, we needed to plant summer rye grass in order to...
  19. M

    Stupid Craftsman Dust Blocker Bag question ?? !

    So I have this Craftsman Dust Blocker Bag . On the inside it seems to be padded ? Or is it years of tiny grass clippings that got stuck ?? Real hard to take a picture of this ! Just how do you take the bag off the frame ? Maybe I can empty the tiny clippings !? THANKS !
  20. N

    Peerless 6 spd. transaxle 794694R

    New Reconditioned Peerless Tecumseh 6 speed transaxle. Never installed. Sat in the original shipping box for years. These are used on Craftsman, Ariens, Poulan, Weed Eater and more tractors. Part number 794694R Original Tecumseh Part Replaces OEM Part Numbers: 794602 794602A 794603A 794712...