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  • Hey BKBrown, I've been snooping around lately and I see you have alot of posts in blade discussions etc. I have a reccomendation for you,
    Meg-Mo Systems They're modified hay cutting blades and they stripe really well, plus when you hit something they just swing back without any damage!
    OK ! Now I can see your message.
    What is the eatery down in Brooklyn Square ? Friendlys ?
    Chautauqua Brick...they're in Jamestown, in what's left of Brooklyn Square (by the bridge underpass - right next to the skating rink/Iroquois brewing) andf by Bemus PT....
    Sure thing! I'll take a look at the Ventracs. I sure wouldn't mind some shiny equipment to make Muhammad jealous... ;)

    Thanks again for your contributions and adding character to the LMF community! I know your knowledge has been valuable to many new mower owners!
    There is no good way to get ANYWHERE once you hit PA.......you can tell all those roads were just converted wagon trails...:laughing:

    Sorry for the delay in answering.

    These blades seem to do a great job mulching - remember you have 12 cutting knives instead of 6 cutting edges. Mine is the 60" deck - (6' wide door on the shed).

    I grew up in Randolph, NY (south of Buffalo between Jamestown & Salamanca) SNOW BELT from lake Erie
    The blade will work fine as long as you have a place to push the snow, but the blower is GREAT !

    Have you been to the Ventrac Web Site ?
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