Ryobi Lithium Ion Stick Edger and Connexion System

Jun 8, 2012
Haha, I'm sure you remember my good fortune when my first one broke after only 10 minutes use, and I returned it to Home Depot for a full refund. I got my second unit from Ryobi for free, which is the best price of all !
Free is even better!! :thumbsup:


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Sep 5, 2012
My new old Ryobi 40 volt blade edger

So, it’s been about 4-1/2 years since the last post in this thread, and the my 24 volt Connexion blade edger has finally died. The motor is still good, but the 24 volt battery has pretty much given up the ghost, and will only charge enough to power the edger for about 30 seconds. Normally, the solution would be to simply purchase another battery, but alas Ryobi has completely abandoned their 24 volt battery lineup, and replacement batteries are nowhere to be found. The only alternative appears to be the Ryobi 18 volt blade edger, but it seems really wimpy by comparison, so it seemed like my only real choice would be a attachment style like the Ryobi Expand-It system with a top mount power head. Being a short person, this type of system is awkward for me to use. But then a lightbulb went off in my head, and I realized that another better solution was available. My old Ryobi Connexion blade edger is also compatible with a 40 volt battery, using a 40 volt battery holder instead of the 24 volt battery holder that was supplied with my unit. I already have a 40 volt battery that was supplied with a blower that I bought 4 years ago, and unlike the 24 volt battery is still holding a full charge. I was unable to find a source for the RY40001 40 volt battery holder, but I did find a tool only 40 volt Connexion string trimmer that uses the same battery holder for under $70 at Home Depot online. Although I have no use for the string trimmer portion, this is still less than the cost of the 24 volt battery when it was still available. Additionally, the 40 volt battery has nearly three times the capacity of the old 24 volt battery, offering both longer run time and faster motor speed. If Ryobi had any sense, they’d resurrect this edger and bundle it with the 40 volt battery holder.



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Jul 21, 2018
I've got the Ryobi 18V version of this edger … never knew hey offered a 24V version until now. It could definitely be more powerful but if I go slow it works acceptable for me and can get all my edging done on 2 4Ah batteries.

Tried out one of the Ryobi Xpand-It Edger attachments (my brother has one) with my attachment capable 40V Greenworks Brushless String Trimmer head, and now appreciate the 18V Ryobi even more.

The blade turns the opposite direction on the Xpand-It throwing the cuttings back at you instead of forward and away from you like the 18V Ryobi. They have a mud flap to block the debris, but that drags on the ground and is irritating.

Also you would assume the 40V Greenworks would have felt more powerful, but that was not the case … probably due to the fact that this Xpand-It attachment was originally designed for a gas powered head with more torque. It likely had a little more power compared to the 18V Ryobi, but was more difficult / awkward to use which I think is mostly due to the rotating direction of the blade that just seems to work sooooo much better.

I don't own any 40V Ryobi, but I agree that they should come out with a 40V version of this edger, that would be much better than 18 or 24V.