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  • Hi,
    do you know this guy Jason from Outdoor Concepts? He sent a PM saying he has WT40 carbs for the Shindaiwa EB45 in stock. Looks like he just joined today?
    hey man, I see you are looking up or posting a lot of 21inch mower reviews on different brands. i will tell you up front i am partial to hondas but there are still some good other mowers out there. snapper commericial, honda commercial, toro proline, exmark 21, john deere (older 14sb, jx75,jx85) and some others but if you have any questions please hit me up with a message and i can help you for sure. I have owned a lot and i mean a lot of lawn mowers (mostly because there were and are so many cool and different ones with different personalitys that i always wanted to own or try) so maybe i can help. thanks
    I AM A MOWER ADDICT....well actually I have been one since before I joined this site!! :laughing:

    1,000 posts in 4 1/2 months.....WOW!
    It's now mid December and I have gotten another 1,000 posts.....less than 2 months later!! I now have 2,000 posts. Yes, I am obviously addicted! :laughing:
    Hello fanatic, i just completed a full tune up last night on a Honda HR215 selp propel. one of the best mowers ever produced.
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