Mower stops moving


Jan 14, 2022
My neighbor has a Husqvarna LGT2554 mower. Product # 960450015 00
Ser.# 050809A012154
It was running fine then broke a rear axle. Her son and another fellow replaced the axle. Niow it will run a few minutes and stop moving. If you let it set a bit it will repeat the go/no/go. When it stops, everything in the drive system seems ok, belt moving, pully on top of transmissin turning.
I need to know what fluid the transmission takes ( they put 15W40 motor oil in it). Also this seems to be a hydromatic drive system but there is no release rod coming from the back so you can push it. The hole and decals are there for the rod.
Can anyone give me some info before I tear into it? She is an elderly lady and worries about things.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Remove the transaxle, remove the filler plug (remove the magnet), drain the oil out, replace the magnet and refill refill with 15/50 (about 72 oz's). Since the axle has been replaced the trnsaxl. has been removed once,I would reopen the the trnsaxl. and see if it was sealed properly.