Feedback on the new wave of battery mowers


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Nov 29, 2014
Awye hammer don't be a spoil sport.
Nothing is more fun than baiting one of the ignorant, passionates then destroying their self ritchious beliefs by quoting facts to them.
I use a lot of 2 stroke mowers and have a mile of fun showning them that the 2 stroke is responsible for less than 1/3 the pollution of a 4 stroke over the same operating life.
Even more fun is the vegans who have no idea about the nutrient cycle or the specific water requirements of different food crops .
So the first bit is asking them where the Phos is going to come fraom and ifthey would be happy eating plants grown in their own poo ( most turn green at that thought ) .
Best fun was a friend who is a broad acre farmer listening to a city living Vegan telling the assembled crowd that we could convert all of our range lands into vegetable gardens .
He pulled the $ 5000 he had in his pocket put it at the speaker feet the told him he could have the money if he could name a single human food crop that would grow with only 5" of rain rain a year , From the crowd I kept on yelling out names of popular vegan foods and watched the face of the vegan become more & more distressed as the agronomist also on the stage pratteled off the water requirements. Eventually in agony the vegar ran off the stage crying his eyes out.
Best days free fun I have had in years.