1. M

    Craftsman T2400 Kohler won't start

    Craftsman T2400 Kohler engine (24 hrs on the guage) purchased from Lowes May 2022. It has been doing great. Wife can never remember to choke before cranking OR to take it off choke once it is cranked. Yesterday she jumped on the tractor, cranked it up and took off with the choke engaged. I...
  2. H

    Kohler ECV870 misfiring

    Have a 2016 Dixie Chopper Classic with a Kohler ECV870-3013 and it has an odd issue. It starts fine and runs good for about 2-3 minutes then gets weak RPM drops from 3300 to 26-2800 and exhaust smells rich. Shut it off, restart it and runs good for 2-3 minutes rinse repeat. Check the primary...
  3. Z

    Odd Issue with Kohler Courage 23

    I have a 2006 Cub Cadet LT1050 with a Kohler Courage 23 with 350hrs. Two weeks ago i performed my annual maintenance. I changed the air filter, fuel filter, installed new correctly gapped plugs, change the oil and oil filter and sharpened the blades. After performing this work i cut my lawn and...
  4. J

    Kohler Xt675 carb leaking out of the throat

    Can't figure out why this carb is leaking. It's my newest one so everything looks new but it leaks from the front out of the main jet. The little rubber stopper valve is a soft rubber I think works against me blowing into it. Any ideas?
  5. Turbodriven

    Kohler SV735 DSAM Bad??

    The short video attached should explain it better than I can. Essentially I'm not getting 12v to my fuel shutoff solenoid unless I unplug the 12 volt lead to my DSAM. One thing to note in addition to what I mentioned in the video about unplugging the other leads to see if anything changed...
  6. D

    Kohler courage 540S will turn but not run, shows compression at 65 psi, changed carburetor with new fuel solenoid,spark plug, changed oil,head gasket

    Kohler SV540S will turn but not run,changed everything new, head gasket, lapped the valves and gapped, carburetor,air filter,fuel filter,still not run. Shows 65 psi compression. Could it be timing problem.Have not opened engine itself. What else should I check.It was warm then suddenly stops at...
  7. C

    Kohler ZT 740 engine stuck!

    Kohler on Grasshopper 225V,2018, we bought this mower used at an estate sale about a year ago with less than 700 hours and were told it had just been serviced! I put about 200 hours on it and decided to change oil and filter, used all Kohler parts machine ran great for about 4 hours, yesterday...
  8. smallengineguy

    Kohler Command Pro Single Cylinder Horizontal Lifter issue

    Hi all, I have a Cub Cadet rider with the above engine. I removed the rocker arms to address another issue. Now the engine will start but as soon as the lifters pressurize, I lose compression (holding the intake valve open). After the engine sits it'll start but same issue. Rocker stud adjusted...
  9. K

    Kohler Engines ch26s on a toro 74240 (year 2001) magnets in fly wheel

    this is the second time i have had to replace this flywheel ! the first time was in 2015 and the magnets were destroyed a lone with the stator. kohler said they were having trouble with there glue. this time the magnets just came off and were stuck to the stator . i believe it has a 25 amp...
  10. J

    Fuel injected Kohler w 24 pin Bosch ECU

    No spark on cyl 1. Have power to coil and continuity from pin 22 on the ECU connector to coil connection/trigger wire. ECU is bad? And it's discontinued. Spark was intermittent before it finally died.
  11. Craftsman Garage

    Darn kohler courage engines are such crap

    Bought a craftsman dgs6500 with a kohler sv735 vtwin engine for $300. Previous owner replaced the head gaskets and couldn't get it started or something? This was a few months ago before all the snow here in oregon. Got it running...BARELY. Was smoking bad when running (Major disappointment #1)...
  12. ryanbeymer

    Kohler Courage SV730s Engine Control Picture

    I goofed while I was tinkering with the engine control and took off the springs without a picture, rookie move, I know. I can't seem to find a picture of video anywhere on the internet that would give me some direction. I see diagrams online but they aren't helpful. Does anyone have a picture...
  13. O

    Kohler Courage 23 Valve adjustment. No lock nut? How do you adjust these?

    So I have no need to adjust these until I started get the hard to crank issue. Knowing this is likely the valve adjustment, I got in there and there is no lock/jam nut. How do you adjust these and then not have it back itself off?
  14. J

    Kohler Engine With Foamy Oil

    The engine I was working on is a Kohler Command CV22S. It is a 2001 and running great. I had just changed the oil and was test running the engine. During the checking of the oil level I noticed that it was a little foamy. That should have set off an alert. I continued noting that the oil...
  15. L

    Kohler 27 Courage blowing main fuse.

    Hello all, I'm working on an old (2009) Bad Boy Pro 27 with a Kohler 27 hp. I did a longblock swap using a used longblock and the original accessories including charging system etc. Mower preformed perfectly for several hours then began blowing the main fuse. I traced the issue back to the...
  16. Stook

    Kohler 7000 chokes and dies after running for short time.

    Cub XT1 LT46 Mfg 08/22/2018 Model KT725-3078 After running for a short time (5-10 minutes) engine bogs down and dies. Doesn't matter if it is under load or not. I have found I can get it to re-start by spraying some carb cleaner followed by starting fluid directly into the carb but it dies...
  17. R

    Kohler SV620 new solenoid, still no click.

    Battery pushing 12.56amps. With the meter I see 12.56 also at the first post of the solenoid with no key in ignition. I have continuity throughout. Installed new solenoid, new ignition switch. Still getting nothing. No click. Double-checked the ground on the solenoid. 4 post solenoid. Two small...
  18. B

    Hustler raptor kohler 7000 series gas smell in air filter

    i have a hustler raptor with a kohler 7000 series engine..in my air filter housing i can smell gas..the filter looks like gas has got on it too..im trying to determine if this is a carb problem which i am thinking it is or something else..the mower runs fine and does not smoke..any help will be...
  19. HunterFarmer

    Add an impulse fuel pump to Kohler VS600?

    I am doing a tune up on the 2011 Troy Bilt riding mower/tractor. It dues not appear to have an impulse fuel pump or at least I have not found it. One was sent in my parts kit. Should I go ahead and install? Excuse my ignorance but the smallest tractor I have is a Ford 4610SU with 56...
  20. B

    Kohler KT745 Running Rough

    Ok so I screwed up. My PTO clutch wasn't getting 12v to close and get the deck on so I said screw it, found 12v and a ground, ran it through a switch and it turns out the ground I used was the wire going to both coil packs. Long story short, I fried both coil packs, so I replaced them (and...
  21. D

    Husqvarna with KT725 suddenly started surging/pulsing/cycling

    Hi, I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have for the following problem. About 15 minutes into the first cut of this spring, my mom's Husqvarna lawn tractor with KT725 engine suddenly started "cycling" like somebody was pushing the throttle back and forth about once per second (see video...
  22. I

    SV740 Starter

    Has anybody put the Command Twin solenoid shift starter on a Courage twin in place of the inertial drive starter. BIL Cub Cadet snapped the starter shaft while trying to start the mower for an oil change the other day. Was thinking about doing the upgrade if it will fit.
  23. S

    2017 Hustler Raptor 42" w/ Kohler 22 HP, 7000 series KT 725 - 725cc won't start every time

    I've had this mower since new. Great machine. Only problem was the "Smart" choke. Plastic broke off of it. I put choke cable. Works great. I have a problem now that when I turn the key sometimes it just turns the flywheel 1/4 or 1/2 turn and stops and sometimes it starts. So far it's started...
  24. prangster

    Scotts 50567x8 rider, Kohler 20hp, 50" deck

    Well I needed a mower in a hurry and ended up with this well-used Scotts rider. Question 1 Can't find an owners manual anywhere! My research indicates this mower was made by Murray. Is that correct? If so I wonder if there is Murray wth the same specs as the Scotts mower. If I can't find a...
  25. ptim

    John Deere L130 Kohler no crank, ground wires that don't seem to go anywhere

    I have a John Deere L130 that I used last week. Went to start it today and it will not crank. As I am trying to track electrical problems, I found a paired ground wire set that runs to a connector that isn't connected to anything. It comes out near the starter/solenoid, but there doesn't seem to...
  26. M

    help with Craftsman 8400 pro series w/kohler motor

    Was mowing lot next door and suddenly the motor just starts racing. I shut it down and it took a while to shut off. I started back up but the motor is still racing at top speed pretty much no matter what position throttle cable is in. Throttle cable seems to be operating properly. It's...
  27. ryanbeymer

    Kohler Courage no throttle adjustment

    Morning, I'm close to having this machine all back together but I cannot figure out what is missing with the throttle adjustment. I can choke it to start manually as well as use the throttle cable but when I adjust the throttle the engine does not go to idle or rev up accordingly. Any help is...
  28. C

    Frozen Intake valve 12.5 hp Kohler

    I am working on a 1987 Ex mark 32 inch walk behind commercial mower. It is a model number 32-12.5kd5. The Koehler engine number is illegible. I can read a Spec of 7275. 390 cc and a serial number 2611504544. Anyway it is a pull start and starter would not pull. I took the starter off and...
  29. woodstover

    O-ring size for Kohler XT6.75 pilot jet

    Kohler XT6.75 PN: PH-XT675-2044 SN:4334903388 HUAYI Corp Carb # 1405368 I've been searching for a Carb kit for this engine and none available. All I require is the 2 o-rings that are on the Pilot jet. Does one of you wizards know the size of these o-rings or could I purchase o-rings for...
  30. 6

    Kohler KT740 in a Gravely ZTR

    We have a Gravely ZT 52 zero turn mower we got for cheap. The previous owner "hit something" with it and it died. He then dragged it to the garage. Hydro uniits are free but the motor is definitely locked up. Are these motors relatively easy and economical to rebuild or is it better to just buy...
  31. G

    Kohler KT725 won't start!!!!!!

    My brother in law has a Scag Liberty Z with a Kohler KT725 engine and it won't start sometimes. Battery is fine, checked all safety switches and seat and brake switches and they're testing ok but the engine won't try to start with the key ignition. You can hear the fuel Solenoid click when you...
  32. Turbodriven

    Ariens Ikon X 52 w/22hp Kohler Courage - Rpms?

    I believe it's a 2018 if it matters. From zero throttle to half throttle the engine is at idle at about 1600 RPMs. From half throttle to Full Throttle the RPMs increase to about 2600 Rpms (sitting still, pto not engaged). What should I be expecting on this mower? I feel like the throttle lever /...
  33. S

    Looking for a muffler for a Husqvarna ZTH6127 mower (Kohler Command Pro engine)

    I'm looking for a muffler for my ZTH6127 mower.
  34. T


    My old Kubota with the 15 hp Kohler became almost impossible to start. For a year we struggled with getting it to fire strong enough to overcome the compression release. Once running it was powerful and ran normally. Then, getting it ready for this summer's mowing I could not get it to start...