1. M

    Low Power and getting worse on INTEK 19hp (33R877)

    I have a 4yr old INTEK that is slowing loosing power. (Engine Model #33R877/0008-G1) New camshaft - 10/27/23 which fixed the broken compression relief. Seemed to run great after I put it back together. After mowing six times this year I have low power and it is getting worse. What I have done...
  2. 0

    Craftsman LT 4500 26HP Briggs Stratton Intek Both Pistons not moving

    Greetings, Curious, anyone ever see a Briggs Stratton 26HP Intek just stop with nothing and no noise, no locked engine, just no piston movement, but valves work fine on both heads. One piston at top and the other at bottom. How is it possible for both roda to let go at same time with no lock...
  3. S

    Gas in oil pan for INTEK 540 cc 18.5 hp

    I have a Husqvarna mower with an INTEK 540 cc 18.5 hp engine. I changed the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter 2 weeks ago, then ran it for 90 min cutting part of my lawn. Went back a week later to cut the rest and the mower started but blew out clouds of white smoke and spit oil out of...
  4. L

    Briggs Intek 825 burning oil?

    Hi guys, i got a used small lawn mower last year. Since the previous owner had already tried to repair the mower, everything was no longer in its original condition. Engine model is Briggs Intek 825 (Engine No 122607-0210-E1) OHV. Since it wouldn't start, I carried out the following repairs...
  5. S

    B&S Intek 20hp mounting footprint compatibility

    My Poulan Pro PP20VA46 B&S 20hp engine has died (40N877-0004-G1) and I'm looking to replace it with a B&S 20hp engine (40N777-0031-B5) . Can I presume they have the same mounting footprint so the engine holes will line up with the frame holes?
  6. M

    Briggs and Stratton intek 13hp

    New carburetor, fuel and fuel filter has spark but won’t crank and run. any help would be greatly appreciated 🇱🇷🇱🇷
  7. O

    i think i am missing something with the governor....20hp intek v twin

    Well, i guess it is time to pull the engine a 3rd time... after getting a new governor gear assy, gasket and gov seal. i checked and rechecked everything i can see with the governor... put the sump back on, set governor , held at full throttle with a cheater wire, turned shaft clockwise till it...
  8. wiredgeorge

    Howdy. Intek 17.5 hp pushrod broken

    Owner of an Ariens lawn tractor with B&S 31R907-0018-G1 engine. Mower was acting like the valves needed adjustment and was going to check to see if the pin on the camshaft was in place. Tried to start prior and the engine spun freely so taking off the valve cover noted that rocker arm was...
  9. B

    Intek single cylinder OHV question

    981022fd 121432 0124 E1 Its a 6hp on a tiller. I dont have the manual for this engine but i know someone here does! I need to see the proper specs for the compression cause either my gauge is lying to me or this thing runs at super low compression im getting like 65lb on my tester. It runs but...
  10. U

    Sears Pressure Washer 2,400 PSI Model 580.768332 Serial 68110398 6HP OHV Intek

    Good Day All! Got this at an auction, said it runs great. And it does, but it sometimes won't go to the high pressure. When it does it will really go to town! So I figured just put an unloader Assembly in it and problem solved. But after doing that, the same, with it running and low pressure and...
  11. S

    B&S 20hp Intek V-Twin worthy of repair?

    My neighbor gave me his 2017 Poulan Pro riding mower (PP20VA46) that has been dead in his back yard for the past 3 years. The mower deck and frame were obviously oil soaked and engine dipstick showed empty. Oil filter was very loose. Brought it home, charged the battery overnight, filled the...
  12. T

    Briggs intek

    Head bolt torque specs
  13. F

    Briggs Intek 23HP V-Twin, long story, happy ending

    Craftsman DT4000 Briggs & Stratton Intek 24 HP Model 445677- 0413-E4 TL/DR: After misdiagnosis of an internal engine rattle, I removed engine and opened crankcase to find nothing wrong inside. Motor has 600 hours. Has had regular oil and filter changes and air cleaner service. Has good...