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  • Yes, I have purchased new linkage parts after a long search and the help of this forum.
    It is all together and then the gas inlet fitting was leaking. So took it off again and replaced
    the fitting. It has been raining for 5 days on and off so I waiting for so sun.
    I find interesting on the small differences in the years of production I have a YTV 16 that is
    even harder to find info. on. It is an 1984. It had a broken rod!
    I was looking at your 1984 Sears LT 11 36. I have what I believe is a 1979 Sears LT 10 36. My string wheel is different and mine has a 10hp Tecumseh VM-100
    engine. Is yours a 11hp Briggs? It's nice to see what a good seat looks like! Yours is very nice. I have only had mine for 6 weeks and it needs carb. work (linkage)
    that was missing when I bought it. It is running, but no throttle response. I now have the linkage parts to install, but we are having a little winter right now.
    thanks. LB
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