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  • Joe,

    I would like a PDF of the John Deere 160 riding mower/lawn tractor manual if possible.
    I purchased a Kawasaki FB460V engine, off a 160 about a week ago. The seller kept the wiring for the starting system (he said he “needed” the wiring; I should have asked for him to include it), so I’m having to figure out the starter wiring myself. I’ve looked for “FB490V starter wiring diagram,” but haven’t been too successful.
    Having the manual at hand would keep me from making a mistake in wiring the starting system. I’d rather do it right than shock myself (literally) in the process!
    Here is my email:

    Thank you very much!


    Luke Myers
    Whitewater, KS
    If you mean 160 instead of 360, then yes I do, shoot me your email and it's on the way

    Saw on a tread you have manual for the John Deere 360, is there anyway you could email me a copy? Thank you in advance
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