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    Honda HRX 217 Mower Start Problem!

    Are you saying to pull the throttle to idle before turning off?
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    Edelbrock Electric Fuel Pump For IS3000Z

    This may help you in wiring a 12v fuel pump to your engine. Pumps are available on Ebay.
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    Rittenhouse trial, jury is still out

    I've found that if'en you scratch your nuts, cuss at it and kick it in the tire, they'll usually show you a pop or two.
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    FR651V oil filter choices

    My opinion is, no one makes a filter better than the OEM. And that it's a hoot to blow out oil filters with air to clean them.
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    Rittenhouse trial, jury is still out

    The case is not as straight forward as some would seem. The kid is claiming seld defense because its all he can claim. He can not deny he shot three unarmed people at close range. And he can't deny he intended the kill them. Thd jury must decide only one point to find him innocent or guilty...
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    The infamous GCV160 AutoChoke

    Chuckle. Couple of years ago I bought a new Simplicity garden tractor. It ran ok for a few days and then wouldn't idle. Talked with my dealer and learned he had put Ethanol gas in it to display it at the county fair. Afterwards it had sit for a few weeks in his lot. Tried Sea Foam and it...
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    Is there a way to fix the choke cable?

    Just buy a replacement cable. Cheap enough and permanent.
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    Is there a way to fix the choke cable?

    Thank you. That was very helpful.
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    Is there a way to fix the choke cable?

    And as others have recommended, think of replacing the cable assembly. I don't know what exact model you have, but if you look on ebay, you'll see that replacment cables run around $10 with free shipping. If you post your model someone can look up the part number.
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    Is there a way to fix the choke cable?

    If it were me, I'd try using a hot-melt glue gun. A big glob of hot-melt plastic filled between the cable and plastic housing should hold.
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    Part numbers needed....

    Buy the entire bag assembly new for $100.
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    Part numbers needed....

    Hard to find used. Here's a site that details to parts and part numbers. May be able to piece one together from you you have as a starting point.
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    T2500 lawn tractor - upgrade seat suspension?

    My previous tractor wad made by AYP (same as your dad's Craftsman) and I had a simular problem (have yard professional rolled every spring, but turns to bumps and ruts anyway). When it died I bought a Simplicity and this seat is heaven compared to the old one. I still bounce, but its much more...
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    Part numbers needed....

    This is new, but not too bad of a price. (Or do you need the frame as well?)
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    Hrd536 drive problem

    When you say "small roller" are you talking about the drive wheel on the left side, or something else? (Does your Honda HRD 536 have a stripping kit installed (didn't see a small roller in the owners manual). Is it frozen in both forward and reverse?