Yardman 4140 ignition switch wiring


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Mar 24, 2019
My Yardman 4140 wouldn't start the other day. It was completely dead not even cranking. Checked the battery and shower 12.8V. So looked for a fuse which was behind the dash, and was ok. I noticed the ignition switch terminals looked a bit corroded so took off the wires and cleaned them re assembled and it cranked but on the 1st position of the key switch not the 2nd. I took a photo of the wires before I took it apart and double checked it and I had put them back in the same place as they came off. I also noticed a couple of spares wires not connected and new crimp connectors, so looks like its been messed around with before I got it but has worked fine for me for 2 years up till now. The key then snapped off in the ignition switch so I ordered a new one exactly the same 6 pin terminal and when I just connected it. It cranks and fires when you turn the key to position 1 but the starter keeps spinning, if you turn to position 2 is stop the starter and the engine dies. If you try and turn it off and remove the key it starts and runs fine ?? I've found a wiring diagram online which matches mine but most of the wires are different. I'm also confused by the 3 wires going to the engine a green to the magneto, coil or spark unit at the front of the engine, and a red and yellow that seem to vanish into the centre of the engine which I assume are the alternator outputs for charging the battery. Can anyone offer any hints or suggestions?