Start and quit


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Nov 28, 2012
It wasn't aim at you but @Chevycopper that was pushing disinformation or just showing his lack of knowledge about these.

But normally when one of these fail you will not even be able to start the engine. Now loose terminals on the wiring harness can cause intermittent problems with them. I have the best mechanics get sideline by loose connections. The ones that work until hit a bump especially. Even a nearly clogged fuel filter or faulty spark plug can minick the problem you are having. It takes pateince and experience to troubleshoot these kinds of problems.
I have a great deal of experience, but I might be a little short on patience.


May 29, 2014
Yet again you don't understand how these fuel solenoids work. They DO NOT stop fuel flow from a leaky float needle seat.They have never been designed to do that and probably will never be design to totally block fuel flow as it is impossible to do so as long as a float valve system is used.
It works for me, that's all that matters... I shut the fuel off let it run for 30 seconds to a full minute then shut off engine...
If it's the needle valve or solenoid letting fuel by.. it can't if there's no fuel there to flow by.. now how's that wrong?
The engine cranks and runs perfect and does not flood... I just want the assurance when it sits for x amount of time it won't be flooded one way or the other...
It's called insurance
Carbs worked for decades without electric fuel solenoids ... Now it's a must to have one operating functionally or you're a YouTuber wannabe mechanic.. 😂😂😂
Just because I don't conform to your information doesn't mean it's wrong... It's just not to your spec..

You do you and I'll do me😁
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