SLA batteries: programing their destruction


Jan 13, 2012
I've been seeking an alternative from other sources but it appears ALL makers of SLA battery powered equipment are conspiring with the battery industry to shorten the lives of every SLA battery in existence. I have a Neuton 2nd Generation charger that I bought a few years into owning my 12 y/o EM 4.1 SLA powered 14" mower that shuts off at full charge but my new same size CE5 mower came with their 3rd generation charger which doesn't. Common sense has been defeated with a technological step backwards. With all the time SLAs have been around it's amazing only one consumer level charger has had that (critical to battery lifespan and function) feature. And now it is no more. Is this a battery sales volume play? Are they making it as easy as possible for SLA battery powered mower owners to wreck their batteries so they can sell more of them? That's the only way I can make any sense of this! The CE5 / EM4.1 battery packs are 24 volt 10 AH just in case anyone can prove me wrong with a charger i can get for them with auto shutoff at full charge. PLEASE prove me wrong!
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Sep 5, 2012
Well, some do and some don't come with smart chargers. My two Earthwise 24 volt sla mowers came with dumb chargers that will cook the battery if you leave them connected too long after the battery has been fully charged. I bought an expensive aftermarket smart charger for them that switches to a maintenance mode when the battery is recharged to prevent damage. My two WORX 24 volt sla mowers came with smarter chargers that are safe to leave connected after charging is completed. One thing I do know is that all lithium-ion battery operated tools come with very smart chargers that can be connected indefinitely without any adverse effect. SLA batteries are going the way of the Dodo bird into extinction as lithium-ion batteries become more affordable and take their place.