Ransomes 6150 Manuals/Hydraulic Leak


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Sep 25, 2021
I just picked up a Ransomes 6150 for a good price and am trying to go through it and fix some of the small issues with the machine. The main one right now is this pretty substantial hydraulic leak coming out of this block on the starter side of the engine. I believe its coming out of this little valve/bypass/idk on the top. I think it might use an oring seal or something but have no idea. I am looking for a parts manual or diagram so I can figure out what it even is. I can find the manuals for the Ransomes 951 online which looks like an almost identical mower, but can't find anything in the hydraulic diagram that looks like the block present on my machine. Does anyone have a manual for my actual mower they can offer up? I'm willing to buy one as well if there was a way to find it. A bonus would be any insight into this hydraulic block. I am noticing the drive is being a little strange. Sometimes it slows down and speeds up on its own. Basically, the drive feels a little lazy. I'm hoping this leak is possibly related. Maybe this block has something to do with the 4wd? Maybe the leak is significant enough to lose system pressure? Maybe the leak leads it to somehow suck air into the system? Or maybe the leak is fast enough to bring down the fluid level low enough to cause issues? Either way, a manual or any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!