MTD 92 engine


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Jun 4, 2023
I have acquired an MTD 92 ride on mower fitted with an MTD Thorx 382 engine, however the engine doesn't start and make a rather ominous "graunching noise" when cranked. I suspect that prices to reuild or replace this engine will not make economic sense. I've done a bit of on line searching for a 2nd hand engine, but can't find one. Does anyone know how tricky it would be to replace it with something like a Briggs and Stratton of suitable size and power. The MTD OHV engine is 382cc and is rated at 6kw, which seems rather low for the size of the machine. 6kw= 8.1hp? I have a very old ride on of about the same physical size which has a 12.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine! Any suggestions as to a suitable engine that can be fitted without massive ateration, or where I might be able to find a 2nd hand MTD engine? Thanks for taking the time to read, and in advance for ant replies! Tim.