Husqvarna 265ACX (or 260ACX) Automower.


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Aug 23, 2012
Re: Husqvarna 450X Automower.

I took some pix this morning. My best guess is that when the load on the blade disc motor gets to a certain point, the on-board micro-processor/controller decides that Chevy has 'found' an area of above-average grass growth height, so invokes circular cutting mode. (I imagine that leaves would also contribute to that increased load, but the second pic has only a few in the nearer circles.) I have seen circles of varying diameter, so I presume how big they are is also related to the load on the blade disc motor.

The first one is made obvious by the leaves fallen from the Mexican Oak. It's semi-evergreen and looses it's leaves in Spring as the new one push the old off the tree.

The second pic shows the same leaved-in circle, with two others, close by. The arrows point to the approximate centre.

This morning, we await a scheduled electricity shut down. Chevy needs mains power to keep the signal wires alive, so he's stop as soon as the power does. Fortunately, my line trimmer relies solely on petrol and manpower, so some work will get done.
What am I saying? It's Sunday. Sooooo what???? :smiley_aafz:

One noticeable difference is that Chevy has no main wheel brushes, like Coxy did. The result is that the grass build up gets to a certain point, then it 'winds off' the wheel, leaving an unsightly clump of compressed clippings. Perhaps when summer gets here, such clumps will dry quickly and become less obvious? Anyways, I see the lack of main wheel brushes as a small negative on the newer model.