Homelite 24v cordless lawn mower model UT13122


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Aug 18, 2016
I have an interesting dilemma. Someone gave me a Homelite 24v cordless lawn mower model # UT13122. They said it needed new batteries. Being a 24v system I knew it would have two 12v gel-cell batteries in it & should enough it does. I put the safety key in & tried it but it did nothing. I pulled the 6 screws out & pulled the cover to check the batteries with my DVM on & it read 24v. So I tried to start it again & it powered up but it wasn't full speed. So I plugged in the charger & let it charge for only one hour (even though it says 15 hr charge) & the light on the charger went from RED & to GREEN. So I tried it again but this time it would NOT turn at all. So my question is “I'm I missing something obvious?” “Does anyone know what might be happening?”
TNX, Jim