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Jun 25, 2020
I just wanted to introduce myself to everybody. After many years of wanting a zero turn mower, I finally pulled the trigger and bought an Exmark Radius with the 44 inch cut. It was more mower than I need for my yard but I bought it with the intent of cutting grass on the side and seeing if I can gain enough traction to make it a full time job.

When I was a kid, I loved to cut grass. I had a Craftsman lawn tractor with. When I was probably 9 or 10, my dad bought ended up buying me two used corded string trimmers and I used both of them wore out but I kept my Dad's barn looking nice while I had them. When I was a kid, I kind of always saw myself doing lawnwork and farming but I went to college and majored in business, graduated with honor, and I thought I was on my way success. It's been almost 10 years since I've graduated and all I feel like I've done since then is jump from dead end job to dead end job and be denied promotion after promotion for rather arbitrary reasons. I make okay money but I still make less money than some of my friends made in their first jobs after high school. Right now I work for a hospital and I would say over 95% of the patients I interact with are satisfied with my ability to help them. I have had many patients tell me things like "You did a better job explaining this than my doctor did" and "I've been a patient here over 20 years and you're the most helpful person I've ever talked to". When it comes to customer service, I believe I'm well above the curve. I see this as an opportunity to translate this my skills in customer service into a career where there is no glass ceiling or there is no manager making decisions about my future based one the two or three times he's been in the same building as me.

I know I'll probably need to get a bigger lawnmower if I get serious about it. I feel fortunate that I have several dealers relatively close by. We've got Exmark, Ferris, Spartan, Bob-Cat, Bad Boy, John Deere, Kubota and if I cross into Alabama, they're is a small Scag dealer just over the line. On top of that we have several dealers for Stihl and Echo dealers and a couple that carry Husqvarna so when the time comes, I have my pick of some of the best equipment out there.

Right now I have the mower and a Toro "Commercial Grade" string trimmer that can take other attachments and 2 echo chainsaws. I'll definitely need a trailer, a blower and maybe a hedge trimmer or something. I'd eventually like to get one of the new Chevy/International trucks and put a body on one of them but I've looked at a few cab forward trucks and they seem so much cheaper.

I know I will need to get my business license and from watching youtube, I'll probably need to have some business cards and flyers made. I own two vacant properties on a fairly well traveled road. I've thought about mowing them and putting a large sign there to see if that can generate any business. One of these properties has my dad's old barn on it, the barn is about 36 feet wide by 100 feet long and it's got concrete throughout so I could store all of my stuff in there, easily.

I just wondered what you guys thoughts were. Is it still a business where people can make money or is it already over saturated with people that think like me?

I attached some pictures of my yard and my mower just because I'm proud of it.



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Jun 13, 2015
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It seems like a good idea from my perspective. I'd check the local market to see how much competition there is, but it sounds like you have the right people skills to make it.