Funny picture thread


Lawn Addict
Sep 24, 2017
Heh, they think I'm from Georgia


Lawn Addict
Apr 16, 2018
A little poem a came up with a few years ago.

Twas the night before thanksgiving
And all through the house
The smell of tomorrow's dinner
was watering my mouth
The cakes were all finished
And the pies about done
So I snuck into the kitchen
to get a taste of one.
I thought the wife had went for her bath
but realized she was still cleaning the aftermath
After sneaking in, and trying to sneak out.
I was met with a dish rag, soap and a shout.
"glad you could join me" she said with a smile
She pointed towards the sink, and said "Start with that pile."
So cleaning and scrubbing I did with a frown
But my mind was in the living room, watching Charlie Brown
It's an age old tradition, I've done for many years
Let women do the cooking, and I snack and drink beers
Relax in my chair and enjoy my favorite shows
and dream of the sale they're having at Lowe's
But this year it's seems I've made a mistake
Went to kitchen too soon for some cake.
Now I'm knee deep in all that I despise
Doing the dishes, much to my surprise
Suddenly their came a knock at the door,
"I'll get it," I happily said with a roar.
I was just the neighbors, who needed some broth
And also some milk and our old tablecloth.
As the wife retrieved the items in need
I returned to my chair, smiling with glee
"Oh no you don't" she said with a howl
"Get your butt back in their" as she handed me a towel