Are there any high quality 30" walk behind mowers?


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Jul 1, 2018
I have a Honda HR 215 SXA 21" self-propelled walk behind mower that I purchased new in 1991. I have periodic maintenance done every one or two years by the local Honda dealer. This mower still runs great although is starting to use more oil. I moved into our current house in 2016 and went from a lawn of a couple thousand square feet to 29,000 square feet. I purchased a Craftsman Pro Series riding mower, which I use when I am short on time but otherwise I always use the Honda as the lawn looks so much better when mowed with that mower. I watch a guy on Youtube called "The Lawn Care Nut" and recently he had this review of the Toro Timemaster 30" walk behind mower.
and I got pretty jazzed about getting this mower as I figure it will cut down the time it takes to mow the lawn.

But after reading some reviews from regular users of the mower I was disappointed to see a lot of comments about bad reliability, including parts breaking and the electric start not working after only 1 or a few seasons of mowing. When I was in my 20's I rebuilt the engine in my Chevelle but now I am 68 and I don't want to have to work on my equipment. I just want it to work and that is what my Honda mower does.

Does anyone know of any other manufacturers of 30" mowers (or other widths larger than 21") that are reliable? I realize even if I purchased a new Honda mower today it is not going to last 30 years as everything is built cheaper now but I would not expect breakdowns in the first 5 or 10 years.



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Jul 14, 2019
Think guys have better luck buying mowers from a reputable mower shop rather than big box stores. Mowers from Lowes and Home Depot should be avoided. That and a lot of people do not know how to do simple adjustments to a mower. Then complain how bad the machine is. Videos from lawn crews should be avoided. Those guys can tear up an anvil.

I'd look for a older used 33" Snapper rear engine rider. Most simple reliable machine you can own. They don't rut your turf as bad as 0 turn mowers either. You can get one for around $400 in good shape.