2017 SCAG Cheetah 52 ROPS cross-reference


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Jun 10, 2020
Hello all,

I purchased a used 2017 Scag Cheetah with a 52 inch deck last year. When I got to the dealer, they informed me that the previous owner removed the upper portion of the foldable ROPS due to interference with the bagging system (the bagging system was removed at this point).

Now my Cheetah has the lower portion of the foldable ROPS sticking up in the air, but nothing attached to it. I have contacted every dealer in the area along with Femco (ROPS MFG.) and SCAG asking if anyone has this ROPS laying around, but haven't had any luck. Femco said that they cannot recommend any cross-fitting due to OSHA, and will not sell parts individually.

The SCAG P/N of the ROPS is 462414, but costs around $500+ after shipping. They also do not sell just the top bar individually; they only sell the complete assembly. Does anyone know of/has anyone retrofitted the top bar from a foldable ROPS from another machine onto the 52/48 Cheetah? Or is anyone selling one?

I know it is for safety, but I just can't justify spending $500+ on a part that I feel like someone has laying around somewhere not in use, or possibly someone has a 52/48 Cheetah that they are parting out.

I would really appreciate any help on this! Thanks for your time!