1995 Scag looking to be restored


May 6, 2012
Hi Scag folks,

I posted a thread on "General Mower Discussion" and haven't gotten any responses, so I thought I'd post this here. Hope y'all don't mind.

I always keep my eyes open for cool stuff, especially mowers. Took a new route to work the other day and noticed a "graveyard" behind a mower dealership/repair place. Stopped to check it out.

I have posted some pictures of the Scag in My Albums. Go up to Photos, then Latest Albums, and you'll see an album called Other Mowers, updated by me last night.

I looked at the aluminim plate with the model numbers. This is a Scag model STHM-22CV, serial # 21960079. It was abandoned at this repair shop. They want to get rid of it.

There are a lot of good parts on it and it was running. Now gas tank isn't attached. It's been sitting outside for a long time and really needs to be rescued. :anyone:

Located in central Virginia - mower is in Mineral (Louisa County).