1. R

    Cub Cadet EZ oil drain pull & twist

    I have a CC with a Kohler twin with the pull & twist drain valve. It seem as though oil is slo leaking out once the engine is running with heated oil and I’d obviously like to fix this. There are lots of YouTube videos associated with this but there’s something that I’m not understanding and I’m...
  2. G

    Best oil? High zinc?

    My search skills must be crap, because I can't believe this hasn't been asked before, but I can't find it. Just watched a video that said that small engines should use high zinc oil. Is this true? That's the first time I've heard that. None of my engine manuals mention zinc. They all say use an...
  3. M

    Toro Recycler, Briggs engine quit working after oil change

    I picked up a toro recycler 22 with Briggs 128m02-3425-b1 engine. Compression was very weak, I lapped the valve seats and it started up and ran great. I did a 10 minute or so test cut, changed the drive belt and cut my front yard. Ran great. I changed the oil, and it hasn't started since...
  4. D

    Kohler courage 540S will turn but not run, shows compression at 65 psi, changed carburetor with new fuel solenoid,spark plug, changed oil,head gasket

    Kohler SV540S will turn but not run,changed everything new, head gasket, lapped the valves and gapped, carburetor,air filter,fuel filter,still not run. Shows 65 psi compression. Could it be timing problem.Have not opened engine itself. What else should I check.It was warm then suddenly stops at...
  5. P

    Can you add an engine oil filter on some BnS engines?

    I have what looks like a cover on the lower left side of the engine. I was wondering if that cover can simply be unscrewed and replace with an oil filter? M/N 4076770 258E1 Thank you in advance!
  6. S

    MS-180 fuel/oil problem; saw purchased new June 2022

    Hey everyone, I've got a problem with my little MS180 that I can't figure out. When running, it spits a nasty, oily black mess out of the muffler. It's clearly coming through the combustion chamber since it's so black, but why is this happening? I can only surmise that it's running way too...
  7. S

    Gas in oil pan for INTEK 540 cc 18.5 hp

    I have a Husqvarna mower with an INTEK 540 cc 18.5 hp engine. I changed the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter 2 weeks ago, then ran it for 90 min cutting part of my lawn. Went back a week later to cut the rest and the mower started but blew out clouds of white smoke and spit oil out of...
  8. O

    10hp Briggs on coleman pwrmate generator leaking oil from governor shaft.

    at this point , i am thinking i need to split engine / generator and replace worn gov shaft and crankcase. the engine runs great, gen makes power. i realize there is no seal, or o-ring... and the shaft needs to swing freely. any ideas? am i on the right track replacing worn out crank case half...
  9. J

    Kohler Engine With Foamy Oil

    The engine I was working on is a Kohler Command CV22S. It is a 2001 and running great. I had just changed the oil and was test running the engine. During the checking of the oil level I noticed that it was a little foamy. That should have set off an alert. I continued noting that the oil...
  10. R

    Oil Change surprise... Question

    2022 eXmark Radius 52 deck with a Kawasaki FX 691V engine. Oil eXmark 10-30 and Kawasaki Oil Filter 49065-0721 Spring engine oil and filter change. That small drain plug on the end of the hose, was a real B****** to open. Either it picked up heat from the exhaust or this was the first time...
  11. T

    Stihl 2stroke oil

    I just bought a BG86C and saw that Stihl recommends using their Ultra HP oil. Saw online that the oil has a high flash point and won’t burn completely until 450 degrees. I’m planning on just using the orange bottles instead. Any suggestions?
  12. lesmcphee

    Oil filter repalcement

    I have a new Toro Model 75755 50" with Toro 24.5 HP V-Twin. Local dealer wants $33 (CDN) for oil filter. Engine #: 139-0602. Can anyone suggest other equivalent oil filter?
  13. L

    Briggs Intek 825 burning oil?

    Hi guys, i got a used small lawn mower last year. Since the previous owner had already tried to repair the mower, everything was no longer in its original condition. Engine model is Briggs Intek 825 (Engine No 122607-0210-E1) OHV. Since it wouldn't start, I carried out the following repairs...
  14. A

    Sensor Oil PSI 3 Terminal

    I am looking for a part for my Cub Cadet KT740-3058. The part is Kohler 25-099-36-S Sensor Oil PSI 3 Terminal. If you need more information can you please let me know. I have called several places and after we talk they do not have that part and do not know how to fix. I even had one person...
  15. R

    How much oil

    Toro Tinecutter 75755 (Toro Engine) ordering oil and filter kit for the mover its always 2 qts and filter. But manual calls for 81oz (2qts 64 oz thats 17 oz shy). When adding only 2 qts its 1/3 low on the dipstick fill mark. Is this normal only using 2 qts of oil. My first oil change I drained...
  16. R

    Lubricating Oil on ZTR

    Attached is the page from the manual that shows which parts of the ztr that need grease and which parts that need oil. My question is, how exactly is the oil applied and what type of oil? Does it come in the form a spray can? or do I put it in some bottle with a small nipple in the front and...
  17. J

    Honda 2417 ride on lawnmower Oil issues.

    Hi everyone, new to the forum and have a question and would be grateful if anyone has an answer. When the low oil level warning light comes on, how much oil is left in the sump? Thanks in advance for your help, Jim.
  18. L

    Husqvarna 2042LS Oil Filter

    I have a Husqvarna 2042LS riding mower and would like to change the oil filter but even on the Husky website it is difficult to find a part number, which I would hope I could cross reference to something I can find without going to a Husky dealer. I have the owners manual which just tells me...
  19. L

    FH580V Upper Engine Oil Leak(s)

    This topic came up after I started a thread about my starter on this engine. Seemed like a new thread is in order: One or more significant oil leaks have existed for sometime causing quite a mess on the entire upper engine (mostly hidden by the engine cover). Txmowman pointed to the breather...
  20. G

    Encore Arrow 708cc oil filter

    We bought a new Encore Arrow with a 708cc engine but there is now maker on it or the manuals. Looking for a part nummber to cross oil filter.
  21. G

    Kawasaki FH721V oil leak

    I have a Kaw FH721V, 25 hp. Changed the oil recently to Shell T-5, 15w40. I had been using SAE 30 full synthetic, Cut grass for about 45 minutes and the engine sounded strange. Sounded like a bad muffler. I checked the oil and there wasn’t any on the stick. I put in about a quart to the full...
  22. M

    oil leaks into carb

    bought hr215k1sma in package deal along with several other hondas. mower looked almost new, but oil leaks into carb. oil level good. lot of gunk and stuff after changing oil(changed it 3 times and looks good now.) assumed it overheated and rings or something bad in engine. thought i would ask...
  23. J

    oil for 25 hp briggs and stratton cxi engine

    Manual says vanguard full synthetic 15w50 is preferred, 5w30 synthetic also an option. My question: the vanguard costs more. Walmart has Mobil 1 15w50 and Valvoline 5w30 for less. Would either of these be o.k. to use other than the Vanguard? Opinions appreciated. This is on a Bradley stand...
  24. packy51

    OE Hydro Gear oil filter

    I have a 2019 SD Raptor that started leaking trans oil from the right filter. I replaced the OE Hydro Gear filter last year for the 200 hr. service. It just started leaking a couple of weeks ago. There was no impact of any sort to that area or the mower, so I don't know why it would leak. I've...
  25. Hottech

    Simplicity oil change

    I was changing the oil and filter on my 38" simplicity with an 18hp Intek single cylinder. It had a brass fitting that attached to an aluminum block that screwed into the cast iron casing. Needless to say what kind of engineering process designed this. There was also a...
  26. V

    Ferris ISX2200 w/28hp Vanguard engine.....oil leak

    I have a new (4.2 hours) 19 day old 2024 Ferris ISX2200 w/28hp Vanguard engine. When delivered I asked the delivery guy if everything had been checked and he stated that it was "ready to mow". After mowing for two hours, the mower was parked in the shop. Next day I decided to check the oil...
  27. T

    RZT50 Kawasaki FR651V Fuel in Oil

    I had a no crank issue with my RZT50 Kawasaki FR651V. It ran fine three days previous - mowed, finished, parked then filled with gas. Three days later attempted to crank and starter won't spin motor. Battery good - pulled starter - starter good - replaced starter. Starter still can't spin motor...
  28. G


    Working on a Ferris Z3X... What lubricant(oil) does a Z3X use in the pumps and what is the quantity? Thank you, gregjo1948
  29. Coelacanth64

    Oil, oil everywhere.

    The seal behind the PTO on my 1440 Cub seems to have expired. I now have oil all over the front end of the motor. Is there anything tricky I need to consider when replacing this seal? Best, Jack
  30. M

    Bobcat, 61inch, 24hp Koehler engine makes bubbling noise in carb when adding new engine oil

    Friend of mine called and asked me if I ever heard of this situation and if I could explain it. He has a Bobcat zero turn with a 24 hp Koehler engine. He drained the oil and when he started to add new oil, he could hear bubbling noises coming from his carb. The noise sounded like someone was...
  31. M

    Oil Filter for John Deere LA135

    I have a John Deere LA135 Riding Mower which I bough used a few years ago. I have always used a Motorcraft FL910S Oil Filter on it due to a video I'd seen recommending them. I believe the recommended John Deere filer is a AM125424. I am wondering if anybody knows if there is any quality...
  32. C

    Ariens Apex zero turn transmission oil change

    My mower has done 2 seasons domestic use with 13 hrs on the clock. It has HydroGear ZT3100 transaxles. Maintenance schedule says 100hrs to the first transaxle oil change but that would be 15 years away ! The other problem is that the mower was delivered with one of the reservoirs a bit low, and...
  33. PTmowerMech

    I Was WRONG about Stihl! Best Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oil?

    Project Farm is a good YT channel. He really gets scientific with a lot of his tests.
  34. Lonestarguy

    Toro Recycler SmartStow Noisy and Leaking Oil

    OK... I noticed that last time I mowed, that the mower was making a kind of clunking sort of noise intermittently. I use earplugs so I can't be more specific more than that. Today, it was doing it again. I tried with and without the front wheel drive power assist, because it SEEMED like it...
  35. E

    Adding oil cooler to V twin 20hp?

    Two years ago I found an amazing deal on a new B&S 20hp V twin. It was just barely more that the parts would have been to fix the old one so I just swappped engines on my rider. I want to make it last as long as possible, so I’m wondering if adding an oil cooler would be worth the trouble and...
  36. G


    I have recently obtained a Hustler 295 Mower with a ONAN T260G engine. The Hustler has an oil pressure gauge which was a mechanical gauge, however, the oil tube was cut. I haven't been able to locate where the tube would have gone. Was there an oil pressure sending unit in the ONAN T260G? I'm...