1. benaford

    Husqvarna YTH 2348 - Bringing it back to life

    New poster here. I've enjoyed reading this forum over the years, but never made any posts, but I'm in need of some advice. Background: A few years ago, I bought a Husqvarna YTH2348 with a Briggs engine for $500 from a guy who was moving away and needed to offload it. Right up front, he told me...
  2. R

    Husqvarna YTH18542 won't start

    I have a Husqvarna yth18542 tractor mower that won't start. I recently had someone work on it and got it back running from sitting up last year due to me not having time to mess with it. I changed the battery out the next day and it cut off on me after a few minutes of riding around. Now when...
  3. N

    Husqvarna 4623 - Muffler

    I think the correct replacement part # for the Husqvarna RZ4623 muffler is 532149723 It sat unused by the prior user for at least a year, maybe more, and now that we're running it the muffler seems to be getting louder, fast. Will I also need the gasket set? Does the picture suggest that I...
  4. P

    Husqvarna YTH18542 Deck Idler Tension Spring Broke. How much headache to Install new?

    Was mowing today and noticed the deck engagement arm had lost a lot of its tension when I engaged it. So I shut her down and started checking the deck out and found what Husqvarna calls the "Return Spring" laying on top of the deck with one end broke off. I think I see the correct holes where I...
  5. J

    Husqvarna RZ4619 running rich

    Last year when I got this, it wouldn't run at fast idle unless choke was on. I replaced the carb, fuel, filter, etc and it ran great for the rest of the year. This year it ran fin until about a month or so ago and now to run at fast idle, it runs rich, with a bit of black smoke out the exhaust...
  6. jairgee

    Looking for discontinued part

    First, I'm not a mechanic - just a fairly handy homeowner. I hoping someone here might be able to help. I'm trying to fix my Husqvarna YTH24V48 riding lawn mower with a 44r877 Briggs and Stratton engine. The carb kit, oem part number 593392, works with the B&S "Chok-a-matic" system (which I...
  7. M

    Husqvarna rz 5426

    Looking for help. it tries to move forward and backwards but only moves a couple of inches I don’t see a hydraulic reservoir on the mower. Tension spring is ok and belt is in good shape. any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  8. D

    Husqvarna YTH24V48 "Reverse" always active

    This mower has a "reverse" position on the ignition switch. Unless the key is in the "reverse" position, the mower engine should shut off when trying to go backwards. Recently, my mower runs in reverse in both the "run" and reverse positions. I replaced the ignition switch, but that did...
  9. C

    Husqvarna Hood

    Will a hood from a lgt2654 work on a yth21k46? Thanks
  10. S

    Looking for manual for Husqvarna 22R String Trimmer

    I inherrited this late 1980s Husqvarna 22R string trimmer. It still runs good, and among other things I am struggling to remove the trimmer head to rewind new trim line. I've got other gas powered trimmers where I have re-spooled new line, but on this unit, I am struggling to remove the cover...
  11. L

    Husqvarna 2042LS Oil Filter

    I have a Husqvarna 2042LS riding mower and would like to change the oil filter but even on the Husky website it is difficult to find a part number, which I would hope I could cross reference to something I can find without going to a Husky dealer. I have the owners manual which just tells me...
  12. R

    Husqvarna m-zt 52 Will Start But Moving the Control Handles or Releasing Park Brake Turns Engine Off

    M-ZT Will Start But Moving the Control Handles or Releasing Park Brake Turns Engine Off. Was mowing, engine started to miss, thought it was out of fuel. It stopped. Filled it with fuel. Engine started ok and seems normal, but, releasing the Park Brake or moving Control Handles kills the engine...
  13. B

    Husqvarna Z246 surging at idle

    Hi. Looking for advice to solve the fact that the Kawasaki engine in my z246 is surging/irregular at low speed/idle. Runs fine when at full speed/mowing. Thanks in advance!
  14. B

    Need information for a Husqvarna Part #510375601(-or -02)

    Id appreciate so maintenance instructions for the subject drive units, i.e., fluid/strainer or filter replacement recommendations, and sources for those parts. The units fit a Model RZ5424. Thanks in advance!
  15. B

    Husqvarna MZT-61 Engine/Hydro stat Question

    I hope this is the place to ask this question. It's a bit open ended. While mowing his lawn, my father in law heard a clunk and noticed that what appeared to oil was coming from the bottom/back of his mower. It's a Husqvarna MZT-61 with a 27hp Briggs engine. My question is two part. 1. With...
  16. N

    Husqvarna RZ4623 - Fuel Tank Air Vent

    When replacing the fuel tank vent - is it just pulled out and the replacement pressed down in its place? Or, is there a nut or clip inside that has to be, somehow, accessed? Thanks!
  17. L

    Husqvarna CT130 Problem

    Good afternoon from Scotland. I've just replaced the starter solenoid on my CT130 . Now starting fine , but when I engage the cutter switch the engine stops dead . This is a dead stop, not just the engine dying away . Can anyone help please ? Cheers Sandy
  18. K

    Husqvarna YTH24V54-drive belt wont stay on backside pulley

    The drive belt will not stay on the backside pulley when the clutch (left pedal) is derpressed. it is a brand new belt and i am sure it is the right one. I tried to replace the pulley, but the bolt turns with the nut. I don't see any way to get a wrench on top without taking the complete body...
  19. N

    Husqvarna RZ4623 - Fuel Leak Under Carb

    The hose and clamp appear to to be intact. Where else should I look for the cause of a tiny but dangerous leak in this area, please? Sorry for all the questions - I'm trying to get this used machine in good shape for the Summer. Thanks!
  20. B

    Husqvarna z354 zero turn mower problem.

    I have a problem with my 354 zero turn's left transmission seriously losing power. Has anyone in the Charlottesville VA area had a good experience getting work (repair/rebuild?) done for a similar problem. Thanks, Bruce
  21. S

    Looking for a muffler for a Husqvarna ZTH6127 mower (Kohler Command Pro engine)

    I'm looking for a muffler for my ZTH6127 mower.
  22. G

    Husqvarna LC221A

    Husqvarna LC221A push mower AWD MN961450026 00, SN 072016M093582 Looking for the Idler Bracket part No 589291002 - Part no 30 below While mowing impacted something and tore off belt, displaced bracket and broke pulleys. Husqvarna indicates the part is no longer manufactured for this 2016 mower...