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    Lawn boy smokes a lot

    Letting the crank case gases back into the intake will give a pretty rich mixture on these, and worn carb throttle shaft will allow this too with the enrichment port set up for wide open throttle. I'd change those reed valves first off.
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    Moving from FWD Gas to RWD Electric Dealing with Walking/Turning

    I've had several of both types and if you REALLY need a self propelled mower you need the rear wheel drive. I'm with Mowermike on this one, the lightweight push mower for an average sized city level yard is probably the way to go.
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    2003 Husqvarna YTH1542XP used value?

    That's absurd for that basic mower even with the attachments that look to me like the mower probably isn't big enough to handle. Buy a pretty nice new mower for that money.
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    B&S Quantum starts on first pull, but then refuses to restart unless sat overnight

    That engine with that automatic choke should have a thermostat on the exhaust outlet right at the muffler inlet. Will hold the choke open with the engine warmed some. Might check this to see if it's working.
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    Do you get locked out of many sites because of the adblocker? I'm starting to get a lot of this with the Ghostery blocker.
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    The backfiring tells you it has spark, fuel and compression. Not at the right time. I've seen plastic cams and even a plastic drive gear on the crankshaft. Looks like you've hit all the other things it could be. Internal?
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    I wonder if that banner is a sort of click bait, see how many respond by clicking on stop or wait in the message? Has to be some reason for that to continue interrupting the forum.
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    Follow up to “Where the @&$? does this Spring Go”

    Went over to the shed and snapped a picture. Looking from the front just under the corner of the battery. Circular hooked end is toward the rear and hooks into the frame, offset hook goes into the brake rod to pull the brake pedal all the way back up.
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    1982 5hp, spark plug very wet and black, engine popping

    i've also had problems with a valve seat coming loose, runs ok but does what you're describing. The seat can be put in place and staked to secure it. Maybe a 1 in 100 chance this is it - thankfully.
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    Are these blades shot or salvageable?

    That blade looks better than what I've been using for years. Usually takes a couple resharpening to get it out of balance to where it would be noticed.
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    Weed wacker cut off now won't start

    How old is this machine? Sometimes an older unit will have the little gas line break off in the tank where it attaches to the filter, could maybe cause this. Probably not but wouldn't hurt to check that fuel line.
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    Follow up to “Where the @&$? does this Spring Go”

    On my L130 the orange brake lock does not release by itself usually, have to push it back down.
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    Best way to patch this deck without welding?

    You generally want the spark plug facing up.
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    Weed wacker cut off now won't start

    I'd suspect the coil, pretty common failure these days. But I'd also try a new spark plug first.
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    Who runs E10 fuel?

    You're assuming there is pure gas available. Not in this area that I know of except possibly at our little airport, Avgass, maybe? I get what I get and run it in everything. No problems and our 2109 Tahoe has averaged right at 23 mpg since new on BP silver.