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    B&S starts then dies

    So another primer bulb was the trick? Thought it was priming before? Oh well go cut some grass.
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    CV740 27hp bogs severely under average load

    Have you checked the weight of that mega mower with YOU on it? Talking thousands of pounds guy. So you have this issue without the deck on. Okay that "could" rule out the deck. What is next? Something hydro related dogging the engine down? Is your mower hydro driven or a belt? Rule these out...
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    JoihnDeere LT166 Carb Problem

    Lower float levels can make the engine run leaner. At 5500', you need a high altitude main jet. An HA jet has a SMALLER orfice than the regular or sea level main jet you already have. Your engine has code numbers to it. Look yours up specifically the carb. Look for a high altitude main jet for...
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    CV740 27hp bogs severely under average load

    What I hear with headphones on, from your video OP, is normal RPM's in the first video. Low idle is lower than you will ever use and high sounded fine to me. Your next video, sounded like, you have one or several bad bearings in the deck. Sounded awful mechanical when you engaged the blades...
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    190cc Intek OHV surge and miss

    Good move. Not related to the running issue but needed. Keep the cooling fins clean as well. Polish off the coil mounting pads where the coil sits on the block. And on the coil where it sits, same deal.
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    190cc Intek OHV surge and miss

    Yellow spark is weak. Another reason I use a PET-4000. Try it again at night in low/no light. Check for spark color then.
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    2021 MZ Magnum 54 won't start and battery cables are hot

    Lube attracts grit. Asking for total failure. Clean and or polish the bendix shaft if possible. The most lube I would use is silicone spray followed up with compressed air. Lube is your last option. New starters are clean and don't hang up.
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    B&S starts then dies

    Clean and flush out the fuel tank. Install new fuel lines from tank to carb. A filter is good if you can fit one. Clean the main jet on the OEM carb. Don't waste your time with Chinese carbs unless your OEM carb is no longer made. Sounds like it is priming proper. Just running dry on full...
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    Vanguard 23hp dead

    Get a small bolt the same thread pitch as the solenoid. Or keep the solenoid and snip off the plunger. Cost is free and will never fail on you again. Caveat is you use/close an inline fuel shutoff valve one minute prior to you finishing mowing. Cost for this valve is a few bucks. Should be...
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    JoihnDeere LT166 Carb Problem

    Set the float level to a LOWER setting and test for power and proper running. So instead of the float being level with the carb bowl mounting flange, make it to where the fuel will shut off sooner. Float rides lower into the carb bowl when it shuts off the fuel flow. OR get a high altitude...
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    Husqvarna GT48XLSi serious wiring problems- HELP!

    Cheaper than an eviction, Sheriff, HOA or Housing Enforcement ticket. What is it with people that don't want to spend any money what so ever on lawn mowers? Then they run out and spend $1200.00 cell phones. Trying to keep up with the Jones' I guess?? Tough to help you if you don't buy any...
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    Starter problem

    Load test the battery. Auto parts store will check for free. Then dive into wiring and starters.
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    Engine cut out

    I appreciate you coming back with a fix action. Nice work sir.
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    5 hp briggs won't spark

    Agreed. That's another reason I use a PET-4000.
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    Can't find 30W oil anywhere in my area, or on line.

    Think the OP lives in remote Alaska. Or a strage town where there is no wallymart.