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    Battery tender question?

    Pull the battery and move it indoors. Leaving it to freeze outside even in a garage will decrease its life. Use a real deal battery tender all winter with zero issues. If you want max life from said battery pay attention here.
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    Cold Weather Operation

    Another vote for 5w-30 or 10w-30 below 50F.
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    Cold Weather Operation

    Another reason NOT to use E anything fuel.
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    so much confusion on Kawasaki oil filters.

    I'm all down for larger filters, when sensible, but when filters contact other parts, nah........ Those steel cans are not very thick to risk a sub 2 grand engine plus labor. Common sense should prevail here.
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    Sparking battery after solenoid install

    Sparking means a dirty, loose, poor or otherwise weak connection. That electrical load is looking for a better ground or a lower resistance path to carry on. Clean all connections down to bare polished metal and snugly tighten them. Mowers bounce around a lot loosening nuts and bolts...
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    German Roaches

    40 mule team soap is boric acid and plain white sugar. Knock all bugs up side down. Simple 50/50 mix sprinkled around the foundation of your house. Don't forget the garage too for those pesky crickets. Cheap, simple and found at most grocery stores.
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    B@S 8HP

    StarTech is talking about gunsmith specific flat blade screwdrivers. Google them up. Don't use any flat blade out of the tool box as stated.
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    Problem with Stihl BR 400 blower

    Was the correct part ordered for the flywheel? OEM part or Chinese? If the tapers match up and are clean, proper torque is the last item to set.
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    Craftsman 917.28712 runs fine but white smoke

    Best way is to use some kind of heat while doing this. Cold soaking with PB Blaster or MMO is kind of a waste of time. If you can get the piston out and do a proper cleaning....... Rings are not that much if still available. That way you will get a 100% visible on her.
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    Carburetor linkage

    Not seeing the issue. Briggs states to run at max revs all the time. Max lubrication, max cooling and max durability. These are not idle down car engines.
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    Craftsman 917.28712 runs fine but white smoke

    Cold or hot test? Air leaking past the rings and valves. Possible. Don't expect anything on this. Dump the oil and gas. Then soak the rings at your leisure. This is a great winter project. Pull the head and soak away.
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    craftsman riding lawn mower model 917.275013 with a Kohler engine

    I would of checked the G terminal for a clean solid ground. Too late now as it's running.
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    Courage 26 start issue.

    All those new parts will require testing of each and every one. What you meant to say was you put all new "untested" parts on........ Were these Amazon or Ebay parts?
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    Hard snap back portable generator

    Torque the flywheel back down to factory specs.
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    Craftsman 917.28712 runs fine but white smoke

    Did you lap the head and block gasket surfaces prior to installing the then new head gasket? If not you left out a step in properly replacing a head gasket.