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    Engine kills when releasing brake/clutch pedal

    You coming back with something worth while, or you just acting like a feral tomcat? Do click on it, we won’t miss you.
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    22HP Briggs & Stratton Vtwin burnt oily plugs, oil in valve cover

    Sounds like a blown head gasket to me. If you are going to attempt this yourself I would take the time to do both, as you will have most parts disassembled to do one. If you post all engine numbers and a couple of pictures of the engine, I’ll see if I can find a service manual for you.
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    Subaru EH65

    When you post back include ALL engine numbers.
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    Battery won’t stay charged b&s 26hp

    Briggs part number 794360
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    Briggs Vanguard 23hp Leaking Oil through Breather Tube

    You asked for help, now you criticize short answers??? You’ve had 3 very experienced service technicians give you answers as to where to look, but have not listened to them, because they don’t explain in depth how to do what you want. You just think that someone who’s trying to make money off...
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    Briggs Vanguard 23hp Leaking Oil through Breather Tube

    I’ve read through the posts and like Bert said, stop over thinking the problem. You’ve been watching to many different videos and from my experience most aren’t worth the time it took to make them. Starting with a blown head gasket would have been the first and cheapest place to start with the...
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    Poulan Pro 1842 STC riding mower won't start

    Remove the spark plugs and try to rotate the engine by hand. If you can’t rotate by hand you have an internal problem. If you can rotate by hand, by the starter again. If it will not rotate with starter, check your battery voltage, should be 12.2-13.6 DCV
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    Deck Problem!

    What do the blades look like? I’ll bet they’re shot.
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    Briggs Vanguard 23hp Leaking Oil through Breather Tube

    Dont see anything wrong with that breather, back to what I said earlier, blown head gasket. You can purchase the gasket individually, no need to purchase a kit.
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    Briggs Vanguard 23hp Leaking Oil through Breather Tube

    From the pics you posted and your description, I would be checking for a blown head gasket.
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    2004 John Deere LX280 riding mower

    Maybe these two manuals will help you out.
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    From 40 years ago: Power Drive 21 Mower

    Model number please.
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    From 40 years ago: Power Drive 21 Mower

    Is the model number TY21SM? If not please post the model number. Have you checked to see if the drive gear pin, by the rear wheels, is in and not broken?
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    Will only run when warm

    If the float is level, you then have a partially plugged jet in the carb. This would lead me to cleaning the carb again and checking all openings you can find and spraying through them with carb cleaner. Also double check that intake manifold for other cracks or leaking manifold to block...
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    Battery won’t stay charged b&s 26hp

    First thing you need to do is to check all electrical connections, making sure they are clean and tight. Don’t forget the ground to chassis connection. Second you need to have the battery load tested to find out if it is really good. Your local auto parts store normally does this for free...