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    Ryobi BP42 blower

    Hello, Due to the response to me personally from StarTech (a legend in his own mind), I won't comment further on this thread. Regards Jeff
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    Honda GCV160 Model HRR2168VKA Won't stay running

    Hello, Try tapping (lightly) on the carb bowl with something like a wooden (or plastic) handled screwdriver. Sometime the float gets stuck in the up position. Regards Jeff
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    Ryobi BP42 blower

    Hi Jim, Remove the two screws on the carb that hold the primer bulb in place. There is a recess that has a screen in it, is it plugged with debris? Regards Jeff
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    Leaking hydrostatic oil from transmission

    Hello, I have an old Honda 215 Masters mower with hydro trans, so it may have a different trans than yours, but the trans has a filler cap/dipstick that does come loose from time to time. I'd check to see if it does have a filler cap and if it's loose. Might save you the hassle of returning...
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    Lawnboy 22260

    Hello, Poor hot restarts could be bad crankcase seals. Regards Jeff
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    1989 Homelite-Jacobsen 20" Mower

    Hello, Not a West Bend, but a Briggs and Stratton 2 cycle, same engine used on certain John Deere (also rare) walk behinds. YouTube has some video's of these B&S 2 cycles. The Komatsu Zenoah Venture – In May 1987, Briggs & Stratton entered into an agreement with yet another Japanese company...
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    1989 Homelite-Jacobsen 20" Mower

    Hello, Those are sweet mowers (I look for the very rare 2 cycle engine option). I have a machine shop in my basement and could make the blade/blade adapter fit. Regards Jeff
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    Briggs 4hp 187cc model 112292 0707 -- rebuild, need advice!

    Hello, You probably wouldn't get a lot of power from the flathead Brigs. I'd walk through a rebuild with your son (using stock parts, if needed), then look for a more powerful engine for later. Weren't the "hot" engines for karts a Mac9 (short for McCulloch)? Regards Jeff
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    Found a Jacobsen Sign

    Yep, had one with the 321 engine, did a real nice job cutting BTW. They called it a turbo-cut. It started on the first pull EVERY time. Regards Jeff
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    Found a Jacobsen Sign

    Nice! I'm guessing 50's to 60's? Has the old script Jacobsen instead of the new block letter Jacobsen. Don't let the guys from American Pickers see that. Regards Jeff
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    Trying different ideas with my business.

    Hello, I hope you can keep things going. Collecting unemployment was one of the most humiliating experience I've ever gone through. They make it as difficult as humanly possible on you, not sure why as you pay into it when you do work. You would think it's coming out of their pockets. Good...
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    COVID19 Garden

    Hello, Is anybody considering putting in a vegetable garden,with food shortages in your local grocery store? Sort of similar to the "victory gardens" during WWII. I guess I can break out my TroyBilt tiller and expand mine. Regards Jeff
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    what the hell have I done wrong

    Hello, I'm no expert on diaphragm type carbs, but the main theory is they use a flexible rubber membrane that is "powered" by crankcase pulses (both pressure and vacuum), to pump fuel into the carb where is is metered in the appropriate amounts. It's possible your carb may need rebuilding...
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    what the hell have I done wrong

    Hello, Echo (on chainsaws at least) doesn't refer to it as a primer bulb, it's know as a purge valve, I'm guessing it purges air from the carb, totally different than a float type carb, where it does force gas into the venturi. Regards Jeff
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    My grass is suffering, please help!

    Hello, I'd talk to a local landscaping supply (I'm talking a mom and pop shop, not Lowes or Home Depot). They will be familiar with the type of grass grown in your area and would give you tips on how to successfully grow it. Regards Jeff