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    Fuel module

    Replaced fuel module, ran great for 12 minutes, then developed a definite skip, replaced both coils, back in action.
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    Fuel module

    Has anyone had to replace the fuel module on your IS2100Z? Mine was acting like it was running lean intermittently, dealer scanned it, no codes, installed fuel pressure gauge, turned ignition on, fuel pressure went up and then dropped with ignition off. Dealer says it needs fuel module.
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    Remove striper flap?

    I mow at 2" and was constantly having pine cones and sticks get caught in the belt, was told by local dealer to remove striping flap to prevent this. It worked.
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    IS2100 ZT4400 oil filters
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    Ferris Fuel Filter Issue?

    The replacement filter I got is also smaller than original, mowed the other day for 2 hrs. no issues.
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    Gates Bladerunner belt

    Anyone use these belts? IS2100Z dealer price = $105, Gates = $44 ( 61"mower deck belt).
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    IS2100Z cuts out

    Engine cut out for 2-3 secs. 4 or 5 times w/in 20 mins., the other day while mowing. Last nite it cut out 4-5 times w/in 5 mins., also did it w/o mower deck engaged. Any thoughts or ideas. It is at the dealer now, but I'm curious if anyone has had a similar issue. 2 yrs old next month, 183 hrs...
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    All American sharpener

    Anyone have an All American blade sharpener? It looks very good, so I just ordered one.
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    hydro oil

    IS2100Z what are you guys using for hydro oil, I'll be changing mine before mowing season starts?
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    Blades What do you guys sharpen your blades with?

    Just curious what methods are used.
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    Blades blade access

    How are you guys getting to your ZT blades? The first time I used my floor jack, but that barely got it high enough to remove the blades. Been looking @ a Smittybilt Trail Jack to get more height.
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    add picture

    how and where to add a picture?
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    IS2100Z lites

    MY son did not like the lites I installed on the zero turn, so he got a lite bar for me. Hopefully I can figure out how to download the picture.
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    foam filled tires

    Anyone have the front tires filled with foam? Got my first flat yesterday,less than 5 hrs on the machine.
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    new guy from Pa.

    I have been mowing with a 2011 John Deere X720SE that I purchased new, I am now the proud owner of a Ferris IS2100Z 61" 28HP EFI machine. It will take some time until I become comfortable controlling it, after using tractors for the last 40 some years!!!!! I still have the X720SE.