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    Welcome to the Hustler Forum -- Check in Here First!

    My opinion, stick with the Fastrak.
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    Briggs & Stratton files chapter 11 bankruptcy.

    Yes they do. I have a 37 HP EFI Briggs Vanguard engine on my Snapper Pro.
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    This Snapper section has the be the slowest

    Just bought a Snapper Pro s200xt zero turn a couple weeks ago. 72" deck, 37 HP Vanguard EFI with oil guard.
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    A web page is slowing down your browser

    Been having problems reading anything on this site for days
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    Briggs news

    Doesn't Briggs and Stratton own/offer Ferris and Snapper Pro and Vanguard engines for commercial mowers.
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    Have it narrowed down, need help making decision

    We know where the bumps are. Slow down for the bumpy areas, full sticks in the smoother areas.
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    Have it narrowed down, need help making decision

    My zero turn is awesome fast. It will mow my 8 acre lawn in 2 hours. It will mow circles around my 35 HP compact tractor with an 84" deck
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    Have it narrowed down, need help making decision

    I've owned 2 zero turn mowers and mowed with both at full speed when ever I can. ( I mow once per week, our lawn grows FAST spring, early summer) My current zero turn (Hustler Super Z, 35 HP Kawasaki with 72" deck) has a top speed of 14 MPH and yes I can and do mow at full speed.
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    Have it narrowed down, need help making decision

    $1000 per season if you have a little tiny yard. I mow an 8 acre lawn with lots of trees. Cost to have it mowed would be closer to $200 per mow at 25 mows per year would likely be closer to $5000 per season . My $12,000 heavy duty commercial zero turn will last me 25 years, do the math. So no...
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    Best Zero Turn Mower Brands

    Yes, I stand on the decks of the zero turns I've owned to get on/off. If the deck is so wimpy you can't stand on it to get on/off look for a different ZTR.
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    Turbo Diesel Over Heating - Sabre Tooth Tiger

    Make sure the belt is tight. Check the radiator fins are clear (not plugged up). Even with a screen the radiator fins can plug up over time.
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    Time For An Upgrade

    I've never been a fan of the Raptor (my neighbor had one and had issues with support brackets and deck hangers) The frame and build on the FasTrak is better. But for mowing 6 acres I would be looking for something bigger, faster, stronger (my opinion) I have a Hustler Super Z (35HP, 72" deck)...
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    Hustler Super Z zero turn (35 HP with 72" deck) And a Kioti DK 35 compact tractor (35 HP tractor with 84" rear mount mower deck)
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    Zero turn mowers and sliding

    This is what I took off. (useless on hills) Look the same/similar to most other zero turn turf tires I've seen. The difference on hills between the turfs I took off and the bar tires I'm running now is HUGE.