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  • I am just down the road a bit...I live in Athens down in McMinn county.
    I have been lurking here for a while, but finally registered a few days ago.
    Worked at SEARS for 2 years, 1989-1991. Before that worked at SUZUKI cycles in Knoxville around 1984-1985. Just work on mowers for family and friends and neighbors when I want to now in my own garage, but do not run a shop for the public.Occasionally I'll drag in a mower or weedeater from an auction or sitting on the side of the road and work on it when I'm in the mood. Never have owned a shop of my own, nor would I want to. Grew up on a farm and worked on farm tractors of various kinds. Don't like to do major overhaul work on mowers as it's too time consuming and cost prohibitive as most repair shops will tell you.
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