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    Whole new suspension seat or just the kit?

    Thanks but I've seen it. I'm still hoping someone can tell me what's the difference between the two. But thanks for all the replies. Maybe the next step is to talk with a dealer...
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    Whole new suspension seat or just the kit?

    The seat is 79107700 & the kit is 79108800, I believe. Thanks for your help......
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    Whole new suspension seat or just the kit?

    I do have the part numbers. But what I'm not sure of is, if you buy a whole new seat assembly, are you getting the same seat as I already have, but with the seat 'kit' that attaches to the lower part of the seat? Or is there really a difference between the OEM seat and the 'new' suspension seat?
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    Whole new suspension seat or just the kit?

    I'm trying to get the biggest bang for my buck here. I'm trying to improve my riding comfort with my HD ZT 60. Appears I've got 2 ways to go. Slip a new 'kit' under the seat for ~ $300 or go with a totally new suspension seat for ~ $500. Something just tells me that the new seat deal is nothing...
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    Striping kit size for Gravely ZT-X 52”

    I've done the same thing, 'cept I bought the 7 or 8" size & cut it in half. Don't remember the size bolts I used but be sure to use some decent sized washers, on both sides.
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    Laser edge blades

    and who did you buy them from.......
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    Gravely/Ariens Owner Check-In --- Read This First!

    Going up against a grasshopper might be pretty tough. My neighbor traded in his belly-mount 'hopper for a beautiful Ferris 2100 several years ago....still regrets it
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    Water logged

    Have you looked underneath your deck to see if you've got a build-up?
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    What'd he say???? o_O;)
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    Gravely 2548 ZT XL

    After 7 years, your belt is stretched. Time for a new one.
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    Coder. With all due respect sir, I think you need to have a nice long talk with your dealer. This should be your first step.....
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    Doesn't cost you $40 to CALL your dealer....
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    Synthetic oil or not?

    Just gotta love a good 'ole oil thread.........
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    Gator Blades 2018 Gravely 42ZTX

    I think you may find that your mulching kit & blades work best in the fall, especially if you have leaves. Otherwise, high-lift blades and discharge are a good choice.
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    Raging engine, again!

    Sometimes a shot of this...