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Ferris Z3X Questions




I recently bought a used 2021 Z3X with Vanguard EFI engine. I love it so far but I have some questions,
First- i had to replaced the starter suddenly about a day after I power washed it. I isolated the issue to the solenoid and just replaced the entire thing. Started perfect for 4 or 5 weeks after, mowed the yard (about 30min run time) then left it outside the garage, went to move it back into garage about 20min later and it was dead. Battery was good and jumping it didnt do a damn thing, tried the key a few more times and it suddenly turned over with no issue. This has been happening on and off for a few weeks since. Anyone else have an issue like this? Did I get a shit starter or is there another issue?

Second- can anyone tell me about initial setting of the large linkages that run from the frame to the pivoting axle? I am NOT talking about the deck lifting rods, but the larger ones below it. I have one side I can wiggle by hand when on flat ground but the other side is super difficult to ever wiggle and im afraid its too tight ans will result in premature wear. Any thoughts?