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ARIENS Razor - 2015; How to remove Transaxle?




See attached PDF referenced for visual of Parts described below.

I am trying to remove and replace the Transaxle.

In the attached PDF, the Transaxle (item 01), nests inside the Rear Axle (item 02).
The rods from the Transaxle pass through the large openings at either end of the Rear Axle. Both are one-piece units, and the end plates of the Rear Axle are welded to the axle.
I have had no success removing the Transaxle from the Rear Axle.
If anyone has actually done this, would appreciate a good description of how it is accomplished.
No guesses please as you need to have done this to be able to describe the removal process

Thanks in advance.


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You need to remove rear wheel drive pinions. Then you remove the two axle bearing assemblies. They are not welded to the axles; unless, they are rusted in place. Then slide the transaxle to the left or right to get it out. Now of course there will be a cable and spring to remove along with the drive belt.