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  1. D

    54" BAD BOY MZ Magnum (zero turn) Blade Replacement OEM Blades - Blades Slipping

    First blade replacement. Went very smooth. Maybe too smooth. Completed the installation, took the mower out for a test-drive, it was working great. About 5min the blades stopped turning. Disengaged the blades with the cutoff switch, took it back into the garage, lifted it and checked the torque...
  2. R

    Cub cadet zero turn

    Want to eliminate switch which kills motor when I get off seat
  3. J

    Toro 75756 zero turn will not start

    What I have tested and is okay: Battery Switch is working correctly Tested each interlock switch (seat, left and right arms - Each switch operates the parking break as needed) Starting solenoid What I have tested and is not okay: Ground to solenoid - Bypass and ground directly to battery -...
  4. B

    Zero turn won’t start

    Hello, I have a Husqvarna zero turn Z 48, that will not start. I have replaced the PTO switch, the battery, and the key. every once in a blue moon, it will kick over. Seems like something is loose, or not making contact. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. K

    JD 777 stopped and won't start

    Hello, was mowing with JD 777 zero turn. Engine just stopped after mowing about 30 minutes. Cranks and has fire, but will not start.
  6. R

    Dixon speedztr30 zero turn safety switches

    Are the safety switches for arms and the brake on this zero turn the same switches....There is 1 switch for each arm and 2 for the brake....they all look the same...are they the same switch used in different places? Serial# 050912C001595 Product# 966611101 Dixon Speedztr 30
  7. A

    Toro zero turn 75755 will blow black smoke and shut off a half throttle

    My toro 75755 with the toro 24.5 hp motor, will throw black smoke and will start to shut down at half throttle. At full throttle it will run better but still not great. I changed the plugs as they had a dry black heavy soot on them. I drained the gas and put fresh in, I changed the fuel...
  8. B

    Ariens 1440 EZR Zero turn

    I'm new here. I have an Ariens 1440 EZR zero turn. Something got under it and broke the cooling fan on the left hydraulic drive. I cannot find a replacement pully and fan for it. It is an Eaton drive motor, and I was told it was used on Gravely, Husqvarna and John Deer. Can anyone give me some...
  9. N

    Mower for PA slope? Zero turn? Self propelled push mower?

    Hi, I'm from SC so never mowed anything that wasn't flat. Have a good sized yard around the house that sits on a hill. Guessing around half an acre or so. What's the consensus? I have a zero turn SCAG that has the perpetually leaking B&S 25hp commercial; great mower otherwise. Suggestion box is...
  10. H

    Ignition Grounded on Zero turn Toro 74398

    Zero turn Toro 74398 ignition wire is grounded with the mystery switch ? Its old. I have never had a parking brake. Does this have one of these crappy Brake Modules (121-3017) ? What is a slick way to eliminate all the sissy switches ?
  11. B

    Toro MyRide 54 Transmission issue

    I have a Toro MyRide 54 zero turm mower and the left transmission gets noisy and weak after mowing for 30 minutes or so. I can't find a dipstick, fill plug, or filter on this model. Does anyone know how to check the fluid or have had a similar issue?
  12. M

    Zero Turn 60" runs about 100 yards then shuts off

    New fuel, new fuel pump and filter and EFI machine so no real carb so to speak of. I have a Titan ZX6020 (has the Kawasaki FR30V 26.0 engine) that runs for about 100 feet then dies or tries to die but if I pull the choke completely up then it keeps running. If I turn it off and get off the...
  13. H

    Ultima ZTS2 54 zero turn mower maintenance

    I purchased a ZTS2 mid summer last year and only have 27 hours on it. I changed the oil and have fresh gas in it. I cleaned the deck and blades. Anything else I need to do before using it for the first mow?
  14. B

    Husqvarna z354 zero turn mower problem.

    I have a problem with my 354 zero turn's left transmission seriously losing power. Has anyone in the Charlottesville VA area had a good experience getting work (repair/rebuild?) done for a similar problem. Thanks, Bruce
  15. N

    Exmark Bagging System

    Hoping someone in here may be able to give me a little insight. 2004 Exmark Lazer Z UltraCut 60" Model Number : LZ27KC604 I am searching for a bagging system for the aforementioned Exmark Lawnmower. I am aware that this is a unit no longer in production, and because of that the bagging...
  16. Jeff99gsx2

    Cub cadet zforce deck on an rzt zero turn?

    So i have a 2007 RZT50 and the deck is rotten. The mower runs great and has the kawsaki engine. I found a local seller with a 48” deck off a zforce. Do you think i can make that work on my RzT or is that a NO go ?