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    GXV 120 rings replaced, still smokes a little?

    I will verify the acceleration/deceleration theory. Are guides on these engines replaceable? Is the GXV 140 head the same as the GXV 120?
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    GXV 120 rings replaced, still smokes a little?

    Thanks for the replies. I may try the 30W Does worn rings vs a leaking valve seal have different characteristics? Does one do on start up vs. running more than the other? oil route first.
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    GXV 120 rings replaced, still smokes a little?

    All, I replaced the rings on my 214SX with the GXV 120 engine this year. I have not used the mower much, maybe three hours total since then. I see a little smoke still with startup and sometimes after running. Nothing like it was before I replaced the rings but still some.The cylinder looked...
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    Honda HR 214 PX on Craigslist

    I put one of my extra mowers on Craigslist if there is any interest. One owner HR 214 PX. Starts first pull as always but does have the classic worn rings where it smokes for a bit after startup. Bid starting at $69.00.
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    Compression numbers for GCV 190, GXV 140 and GXV 120

    All, I checked the compression numbers on my 3 mowers, throttle wide open and decompression still functioning. All I did was remove the spark plug and pull hard several times to get these readings. GCV 190 - 91psi GXV 140 - 101PSI GXV 120 - 70PSI I installed new rings on the GXV 120 and oddly...
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    Honda gcv190 mx8

    Thanks for that information.
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    Honda gcv190 mx8

    Well, if that is too much for you to get a proper reading so be it. I don't understand why you would have such a tone when all I was asking was a simple question about the GCV engines. Go about your day and perhaps someone else will answer my question about the GCV engine as I was asking.
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    Honda gcv190 mx8

    No, you do not take apart the engine. On the GXV engines you simply remove the valve cover and slide the rocker arm off of the exhaust valve, pull out the push rod and then pull the rope. Look it up, google is your friend.
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    Honda gcv190 mx8

    Does the GCV190 engine have a decompression feature on the exhaust valve as the older GXV 120 - 140 engines? If so, that would need to be deactivated to get a proper reading for compression.
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    Honda HR 215 SX for sale!

    Hello all, I am thinning my herd of 3 Honda lawn mowers and decided after much thought to sell my HR 215 SX to a person who understands and appreciate these older Honda's build quality and durability. Has the GXV 140 engine, no smoking and is perfect running order. All 3 speeds work, starts on...
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    Honda Lawn Mower HRR2169VYA Issue

    Glad you have found a resolution. It is too bad to hear about your troubles with this newer Honda, I suspect if you have had the long term experience with the older more robust models such as the HR series from the 80's you would feel much different about the quality of Honda. I have two HR...
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    My experience with Honda mowers

    I will keep my 30+ year old HR 214sx and or HR 215sx mowers until I cannot cut grass any more. I believe the old models are better than the new, just like many things now-a-days.
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    Honda GXV 140 engine pricing?

    I have a listing on EBay for a complete mower, Masters Series HR 215SX but wondering if I would be better off just parting it out. The deck has issues as well as one wheel otherwise all works as it should, including drive and blade clutch etc. The motor runs perfectly with no smoke at all, what...
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    28 yr old Honda HR215, do the new ones mulch better???

    I have a 214sx and a 215sx and from a mulching perspective they are similar with the exception of the 215 has a bit more power. I can compare these directly to the newer model 217 HRX which I also have, and I do think they mulch better, but not significantly so. I think the biggest advantage is...
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    Mulch plug for Honda HR 214/215 series mowers

    I do not think this plug will fit the old aluminum deck mowers, the HR 214 and HR 215 mowers correctly.