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    Bahia Grass in the Southern US Comparison

    I see numerous posts of people asking about mowers, cut quality ect. One conclusion I have come up with is area a person lives and grass being cut as one reason I see so many different conclusions on what is better. Down here where we live we cut tremendous amounts of Pensacola Bahia Grass on 14...
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    Bahia Grass

    Do any of you guys running Exmart mowers cut grass where Pensacola Bahia grass is the predominant grass you cut with it?
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    Bahia Grass starting to head out

    Saw some Bahia grass starting to put on heads today. It was 93° yesterday also. Won’t be long now before it will be wide open.
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    Battery Powered Equipment

    Are any of you guys running the new battery powered equipment commercially? I have been using a 58 Echo string trimmer for a while now. I bought my first one last August and it literally shocked me how good it was. I just bought a second one to have as a backup when I start up this spring. It...
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    Germination period for a 3540

    When you plant a 3540 how long does it take before it comes up?
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    Ready to put on the ground

    Getting ready to put it on the ground earlier last week and let it rip.
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    58 Volt PAS Weed eater

    I have a 58 volt Weedeater that will accept the PAS tools. Last week I used an edger on it for a while. I am amazed every time I use this thing at what it will do. I don't see me ever going back to gas powered equipment for weed eating, chainsaw, hedge trimmers and hand held blower. I have cut...
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    Places to find a new deck

    I have a Tiger Cat with a 52" deck that the sand has eaten alive. is there any place that any of you know of that one can purchase a new deck cheaper than from a dealer? The dealers want in the $1200 to $1300 range for just the deck with paint and decals. That is no bearings, spindles, or...
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    Echo 58 volt chain saw

    I bought a 58 volt chainsaw a few days ago. It came with the 4 OA battery. I was shocked and amazed at how it cut. That is incredible. I could not see where a homeowner or even a commercial guy would want a gas chainsaw over one of these. I have other 58 volt Echo equipment with this battery...
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    58 Volt Echo

    I purchased a 58 volt Echo weedeater and a 58 volt hand held blower. I ran them for the first time today. It was amazing to me how much run time the trimmer had and how powerful it is.
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    Battery Powered Echo PAS unit

    I saw one of the new Echo PAS units this past week. I was impressed with it. Have any of you folks used one and if so what were your results?
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    Thhis is why we run Tiger Cat Scags

    Two week intervals. Temp in the high 70's and 80's at night. Rain most days in the afternoon. This is when it gets real in Lower Alabama.
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    Big Bee Finish Mower

    I purchased my first finish mower last week. It is a Big Bee 72". It is several years old and has seen a lot of grass. I needed something to utilize my Kubota tractor on large acreage. it will not cut grass with the Tiger Cats but i have an air-conditioned cab on my Kubota. I can run it on large...
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    Tiger Cat II deck adjustment

    We were not gettin the performance we needed on our latest Tiger Cat II. We placed it on a cement slab and checked the deck. It was high in the front. We dropped it till the deck was 1/4" lower in the front. That was a game changer on tall grass. 1/4" lower on the front with the inside front...
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    Big Bee finish mower

    I bought a Big Bee 72" finish mower this week to pull behind my Kubota Tractor. Have any of you guys ever had one of them? if you have tell me about it.