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    Dead spots after winter w/ 2 dogs

    That pattern seems strange for Dog Urine. Have you checked for Cutworm or White Grubs. Fence in a 6'x6' or similar area and cover with ground cover cloth then 1" crushed stone. Train (make) the dogs do their business there. Get a few rolls of sod. Soak each in a 5 gal pail of water for a...
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    New Toro Start Problem

    If people would just run their equipment until it stalls from lack of fuel then if possible drain the Float Bowl and fuel tank, many of these problems would be solved. ALWAYS use Premium Fuel WITHOUT Methanol if possible. No storage problems.
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    New Toro Start Problem

    I have done the same. All Good.
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    New Toro Start Problem

    You obviously know little about the workings of a Carburetor. Carb cleaner introduced into the Fuel supply at the Filter which is close to the engine passes by various internal passages such as needle and seat, sometimes a fine screen, into the Float Bowl, through various orifices up the...
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    New Toro Start Problem

    Run some Carb cleaner through it from the Fuel Filter . There are many things it could be. Likely running lean.
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    New Toro Start Problem

    I agree with the choke issue. Try removing the Air Filter and see if you can see the Choke butterfly disc. It should be closed when cold. Good luck.
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    LTX 1045 Cranks but no start

    Get it weighed!
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    woodruff key 25x18, are they all the same?

    Great reference site. Thanks.
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    Motor Starting..

    After cleaning ALL terminals from battery to starter including solenoid and Ground, try a known good battery.
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    4 cycle oil

    2 Cycle engines require a specified mix of 2 Cycle Oil and Fuel. Not SAE 30 oil. 4 Cycle engine, ONLY Oil goes in the Crankcase.
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    Cub 1440 Backfires and has oil everywhere

    Drain the Fuel and Carb bowl. Check emulsion Tube holes if you can access them. There is often a very tiny hole on the jet at the bottom of the float bowl. A wire from a wire brush will handle that. Carefully remove Float and needle valve and allow fresh clean gas to wash through the seat...
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    Walbro and Nikki

    You can replace the carb or just unplug the Solenoid from the wiring harness. Install a good Shut Off valve on the fuel line and use it every time. Shut it off about 20 seconds before you are done with the mower.
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    Oil is grey in color

    Grey oil indicates metal, likely from the Connecting Rod Big end. Use Standard 30 oil. Likely a lot of oil inside the muffler causing smoke, so contamination (Aluminum Alloy) may be coming from the Cylinder Wall. Don't over think it. Keep your eye out for a good newer model. Tis the season!
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    Cheap Chinses Carb

    The only way fuel can get into the Crankcase is from the Carb. A spec of dirt at the needle/seat interface is all it takes. The fuel Shutoff valve may not be getting power or is defective. You should be able to feel/hear it click when slowly turning the key ON. It is usually possible to...