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    Gas can nozzle gasket!

    I always use a funnel with a fine screen when filling. It is difficult to find the correct size Viton '0' rings.
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    Turbocharging a lawn mower

    Cut the lawn more often @ 3-½" and buy a new Gas Powered Mower while you still can! Take good care of it. Forget all the magic crap. I tried Hi Compression Floor Mats in my Youth. Did not help HP and used more Fuel.
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    Kohler K321aqs running hot.

    Buy and install new head bolts. Torque them cold and retorque them next day. Be sure your carb is not running 'lean'. Retard timing slightly and try it.
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    Snapper 21351PD - how to completely remove rear wheel drive disc?

    Clean underside of Disc as much as possible Spray with Brakecleener and next day turn it on its' side and spray paint as much as possible. Done.
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    Gearbox grease

    If it is working don't fix it! If you have an opening fill it with grease or 90 weight oil or both.
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    Kohler compression release

    Set valve lash on both to .006-.008 and try it.
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    FrankenCub charging issue...Briggs Intek 21

    Well Done Sir. I try to do a good deed and learn something every day. Doesn't always happen but averages out. Check your Oil, clean out your Wallet and buy Wife/GF flowers. Helps your daily odds.
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    FrankenCub charging issue...Briggs Intek 21

    Hopefully your problems are solved. Lots of good advice here. Proceed carefully. Electricity is Fast!
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    I think you need a serious attitude adjustment.
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    Excellent results with Ultrasonic Rodent devices if you park inside. Signal goes in straight lines outward.. I jamb packed chicken wire in openings of other equipment where possible.
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    Age old question, Winter Storage?

    Bob: If you watch the many Utube small engine Repair guys like tarryl and Dony boy and B. Pender you will see the gel like substance that forms in the float bowl, emulsion tube etc. Glad you have not had a problem. I don't risk it in Southern Ontario. Perhaps you live in a less humid area. A...
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    Age old question, Winter Storage?

    Most fuel tanks are Vented.
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    FrankenCub charging issue...Briggs Intek 21

    Just Drive it! Boosting from a running vehicle engine can burn out a Stator.
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    Kohler KT740 flywheel removal.

    Try heating well around the outside of the Crank and then Quenching. Use some Hardwood wedges beneath the ring gear.
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    Age old question, Winter Storage?

    You really don't understand the effects of Ethanol in fuel that is not used within 30 days. Your small engine people are after your money!