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    Not the best Thanksgiving

    I see the pic, no that had to take a long time.. Is that pipe lead ? I'm getting too old for some of the stuff that happens here as well. We do the best we can.. Bummer about your geo-heat pump too. Ouch..
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    Happy thanksgiving everyone

    Happy Be-lated Thanksgiving. My Dad always taught me to treat others as I would like being treated & can't go wrong.. Seems you felt that with the "special plate" of Thanksgiving dinner....(y)
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    Not the best Thanksgiving

    Bummer, be careful in that ditch ! I was once in one that wasn't as deep but collapsed & knocked to my knees, making it much deeper & me more trapped. My Uncle was on the backhoe (luckily) & put the bucket right down to me, I grabbed onto the teeth & he pulled me out. That is just...
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    Tuff Torq K62a bypass level oil leak

    I would definitely test it some more, while you don't need it to be used.
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    A Happy Thanksgiving to all..

    Well said.. (y)
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    My 11/11 story

    Well, my Dad was a perfectionist, (today they call it OCD), & as such, he demanded that of me. I didn't like it at the time. But it has helped me to be do the best I could at things, or at least try. He taught me many things. He always believed to not just learn one trade. But to learn as...
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    My 11/11 story

    I am a faithful believer, & I think your Dad has been watching over you all your life, & still is... (y) My Dad passed suddenly on Nov 1st, 1979 & I believe he is still watching over me as well. But at times I do still miss him..
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    How can a Honda mower be this bad?

    Ron- does that have the 5 year warranty ? This older version w/OHC pictured as a cut-away below has been around for over 20 years & good history. That newer 170 & bigger w/OHV seems to have the issues.
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    X125 which hole to use on the front of the deck?

    Welcome aboard !! I would suggest making sure all 4 tires are inflated to spec. Then on a flat surface start checking the level of the deck, @ say the 3" setting. I always measure the cutting blade edge tips to the ground. That gives ya the most accurate measurement. Rear of deck should...
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    Winter storage tip for your Battery

    I have a few Battery MINDers® that keeps my batteries in good shape. Set it & forget it.. I like the 1500 unit & it can maintain up to four 12 Volt batteries at one time when connected in parallel..
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    Echo Owners Group

    This is my fav string trimmer..Of course the guard is off & hung on the wall where it belongs.
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    Looking for new Push mower (Not self propel), with Honda engine, but must cut to 4" max

    Then I check the Surplus Center & they have tons of wheels w/ball bearings. Only thing is, about every size except 9 inch. And their prices are really low. I plan to contact them, & inquire where are they hiding the 9" ers..
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    FR691V Sudden Power Loss Overnight

    Hang in there, you will get it sorted..
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    Looking for new Push mower (Not self propel), with Honda engine, but must cut to 4" max

    Looking all over for 9 inch wheels w/wheel bearings.. Finally checked Home Depot, they have Honda OEM wheels that are 9" & w/Wheel bearings for $22. for 2 wheels.. Price is best I've found. This just might work..