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Sorry to bother you, I have stumbled across this forum post that you wrote a few years ago

I am experiencing very similar issues, have replaced the carb and 1 ignition coil. did you and your buddy ever manage to get to the bottom of it?

Many thanks in advance,
Hi David,

Thanks for reaching out.

That was such a long time ago I do not recall what the resolution was. I will dig through my records and see if I can find anything that jogs my memory,
many thanks!
Hi I have the same tractor and don't have the problem ( yet) however I do have problem with the drive belt breaking. I don't think I'm putting it on correctly because the picture is the manual is useless !!!. If you still have this tractor could you do me a great favor and take a picture of the bottom of the tractor showing how the belt is installed. Thanks in advance !!!!
My JD F620 54 rear seal (popped out). oil light did’t come on)- there was ~3/8”
Seal intact and leak from left side (opposite oil cooler / oil filter side). Trying to figure if I have a bad head gasket??? And if that would dump oil , engine runs as before.long block repair it, or get a new engine and transfer muffler, controls, etc... ?? I see some on line for <$2K?
Some of these mowers have a safety switch installed so if you try to cut going in reverse it kill the engine. Some are found by the shift lever or on hydro's by the reverser petal or linkage.
can someone help me here ?
You need to re-state your problem, with as much detail as you can, in the appropriate forum for your mower. Thanks.
caddie3, I own a couple of Kubota Zero Turns and lover the mowing function but at times need a little help...
I presently have a ZG 222 Z with
rather stiff control levers. Any suggestions?
Had same problem. It's the "float" couple yrs ago. No gas allowed after the prime burns up. IF I REMEMBER--there is a small screw in bottom of the float tank--it has to be unscrewed and then put back in. Think it trapped some sediment or ??? Very easy to try