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Hello there, I am Amrit from Mumbai.
I registered here because I am using a lawn-mower so often to care for a little garden near our <deleted link> office. In the winter I want to do the maintenance myself and learn how to repair it. Hope this forum will help me
I have a Craftsman 536.270270 and it seems to have no power to accelerate. If there’s any incline or I’m on the grass even it slows to a crawl. Blades and gears seem to be fine and starts with no issues. Just no drive speed even on the driveway. Any ideas? Original owner said it might be the transaxle or belt. Going to take a look at those first.
You will probably have better luck getting responses to this if you post it on the board, not your profile.
I am replacing the piston and cylinder on my MM 55 yard Boss. My question is how big of a bore piston and cylinder can I put on for a big bore kit? Looking for extra power like always! Lol 😂 😎
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You might have better luck getting responses to this if you post it on the board, not your profile.
Hi, I'm one of the moderators here. You posted two threads about this problem and I tried to merge them into one. Unfortunately, I lost one of them and don't think the merge went off as I intended. I apologize for that. In the future try not to post duplicate threads in different forums, as that's one of the rules here.

Thanks, and welcome to the forum.
Still working on my pro series 7400 with no reverse. I replaced the linkage rod from pedal to the transaxle and it is worse now than before. I've already replaced the belt. I am at a lose. Mr Fish your knowledge was helpful before so I need to see what else is in your brain
I have a gravely 260z promaster. Just replaced hub and brake pads came out when I took caliper off . Can’t seem to find any film or instructions on how the pads go back. Trying to figute it out is driving me nuts🥴
You posted this in your profile. Very few people will see it there. Move this or re-post your problem in the Gravely forum and you should have better luck.